Putin Exploits Obama’s Weakness in Syria

Vladimir Putin is nothing if not nervy. To justify Russia’s military incursion into Syria — the Russians are now in the process of setting up a new air base in Latakia and bringing in tanks and troops — Putin claims to be fighting terrorism and working to reduce the flow of refugees.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In the end, he will be as successful as the Russians were in Afghanistan. The Sunnis will not accept a Russian presence in Syria and the Turks want to be rid of Assad. I expect a war of attrition, with Russian forces already spread thin in Ukraine.

  • Jay Currie

    The Russians understand a situation in an entirely different way from the West. Where are the advantages? Downsides? I don’t disagree with Norm in NY…This is unlikely to end well for the Russians long term; but short term they are locking up Iran in a way which dopey Obama and uber dope Kerry simply can’t understand.

    Assad is an Iranian tool – and a tool in his own right – and by supporting him Russia gains the trust and the markers of Iran. As the brainacs in Washington have just bet almost all the American chips on Iranian mastery of the Middle East, Putin is free riding his way to glory. It is not so much that Putin is clever, it is that Obama and Co are that sack of hammers we hear so much about.

    A serious bombing campaign would finish ISIS, especially if there were a lot of special forces on the ground to shoot’em as the bombs drove them out. Yes, there would be collateral damage. Shit happens. The big Zero is too pussy whipped by Powers, Jarrett and Michelle to beat ISIS. We have to wait out the next year and a half as ISIS gets stronger. And pray that the Americans have the wit to elect a serious President.

    • DD_Austin

      Upside, Keeping this Naval Base, and getting a new air base

      Putin’s Mom never read humpty dumpty to him as a child

      He thinks all czar’s horses and all the czar’s men
      can put the soviet union back together again

    • Xavier

      I don’t know if Obama and Co. are really a sack of hammers. They may have a perspective that is as alien to you and I as Putin’s is – the lens of global Marxism. I suspect Obama is willing to let Putin have what he wants as long as Obama gets what he wants: “fundamental change and transformation” for the rest of the world. The human cost of this change is unimportant to them – after all you have to break a few eggs to bring about the downfall of western civilization.

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  • Maggat

    Vlad is a superb chess player, Obama can’t spell chess.

  • pop

    Putin looks excellent compared to Obami.
    Russia looks fab.

  • edlancey

    “Putin claims to be fighting terrorism and working to reduce the flow of refugees.”

    and which part of that is wrong ? Obama is playing games with drones. I expect Obama is over the moon about the current muslim invasion of Europe.

    • Fran800

      Yeah, exactly.
      I note there was a poll that found that only 21% of Syrians thought they were better off now than they were before under Assad. This would obviously be especially true of the minorities (Christians, Alawites).
      OF COURSE Assad is fighting terrorism. Americans may not have deliberately created ISIS, but they are facilitating the conditions under which it thrives. As to the party who said the Americans could bomb ISIS out of existence – but what about the other terrorist groups (al-Quada, Al-Nusra, etc.)? They are all pretty much the same, and what’s more they morph one into the other. So any ISIS fighters who don’t get bombed dead can just just join one of the other groups.
      Isn’t Assad trying to bomb the terrorist groups? The “civilians” he has killed are actually terrorists plus a bit of collateral damage (same as us). Why not work with him?
      And Russia, far from trying to subvert the U.S., keeps reaching out to the Americans with very sensible suggestions. Support Assad and the Syrian army and stop ISIS from taking over Damascus. Apparently they are very close.

      Remember Libya? “We” (the West) got rid of Ghadaffi, who was infinitely more disgusting than Assad, and look what happened. Everything worse. If any one of those terrorist groups takes over Damascus, we will have created a disaster of civilizational proportions.
      The only way to stop the Muslim invasion of Europe and our country as well is to stop the terrorist activity in Syria. We don’t do that by supporting the U.S. State departments unicorn band of moderate, pro-democracy rebels.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Netanyahu is now off to Moscow to inform Putin of his limits with respect to Israel (in other words, keep the Sunnis and Shiites slaughtering each other and don’t adversely affect Israeli security and Israel will leave the Russians alone in return).

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Well it looks like Mr Putin will be the man of year once again.