Confronting Islamic Jihad

While no superpower threatens America today like the Soviet Union did in the past, a new enemy does threaten us—Islamic jihad. Consequently, an American foreign policy must be shaped to respond. There are two basic conservative approaches:

Neoconservatives see Islam as a powerful force intending to rule the world via terrorism, immigration, and religious proselytization. Because of its aversion to individual freedom and its anti-reason theology, Islam is a formidable threat to America that requires the militarization of our society, centralized bureaucratism, and the establishment of American hegemony in the Mideast to tame its countries’ hostility.

  • tom_billesley

    Time was, we’d just send a gunboat.

  • This article is correct as far as it goes. But it misses the core problem.

    Islamic theology is the core problem. (It presently is the perfect blueprint for the ultimate cult.)

    And unfortunately this ideology has proven itself to be virulent, and contagious.

    The non-Muslim world needs to state the obvious. Muslims you must reform your pathetic “religion”.

    Without Islamic reformation the problem will continue to spread.

    And – yes – Islam can be reformed. It most likely will not come from within.

    The non-Muslim world should send a loud and convincing note to Muslims.

    We need, more cartoons, more criticism of Muslim practices, not allowing sharia law, no Islamic head garb, all women to schools, no FGM, Mohammad was a pedophile, all killing is a crime, close mosques, arrest the mullahs.