Zero tolerance: Hungary cracks down on desperate migrants as it arrests and expels first group trying to illegally cross razor-wire fence into EU

Hungary has made its first border crossing arrests as tough new rules came in to effect last night after several migrants tried to illegally cross a razor-wire fence into the EU.

More than 9,000 migrants entered Hungary in just 24 hours before the country launched a crackdown at its border with Serbia last night, it has been revealed.

Hundreds of refugees spent the night in the open on Serbia’s northern border as Hungary launched a strict border regime that could see asylum seekers rejected and expelled from the country.

Police and soldiers arrested nine Syrians and seven Afghan migrants after the rules came into effect overnight.

Hungarian Police Arrest Illegal Alien Invaders

Hungarian Police Arrest Illegal Alien Invaders

  • tom_billesley

    The fence looks a bit puny when compared with the higher triple fence of Melilla, and even that is not impregnable. It’s going to cost a lot to patrol this one – it’s a lot longer.

    • ellake

      They did not have much time to put it up. They will probably try to make it more secure but at least they did something.

      • tom_billesley

        I wish I had shares in a razor-wire factory.

  • Cat-astrophe

    The refugees always look so young, healthy and vibrant.
    4 years of civil war has not turned ANY of these “runners” into what one would expect to see coming from such circumstances, ill fitting loose and ragged clothes, gaunt sunken eyes….yep, they are surely “running” from a deplorable situation alright.

  • pop

    Finally, a tough stance.

  • ed

    latest , invaders going on hunger strike ! muslim men of fighting age demand hungary open border or else ! , it will kick off around tea-time is my guess

    • tom_billesley

      They’re having a tantrum, throwing down food and water handed to them, just like a previous wave did when their train was stopped within Hungary and they didn’t want to be taken to a registration centre. It worked for them that time.

  • ed

    Serbia demands hungary opens border hungary says your problem now !

  • chayisun

    I’m just wondering how many members of these poor migrants are actually terrorists trying to blend in. I assume the one’s wearing suicide vests, chanting death to ( America, Israel, England, Sweden, etc Take your pick) will be ignored and the little old lady from Iraq, carrying her 90 year old mate on her back will be detained…..

    • tom_billesley

      Profiling is a no-no.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Call up Sweden and tell them to pick up their cargo.

    • tom_billesley

      Merkel could have a Berlin Airlift.
      This time it would bring in not food and fuel but Mahomet’s Marauders.

  • It’s about time, I’d say.

  • tom_billesley

    To block an end run, Hungary has begun preparatory work to fence off its border with Romania, starting from the Serbia/Hungary/Romania border junction.

    • ellake

      I like what Orban is doing.

      Politico is saying “Hungary is police state” and Der Spiegel is saying that “Hungary wants to keep Muslims out” as if it was a crime!!!!