Toronto Will Not Be Making a Bid on the Olympics

Robyn Urback is a hack:

While all this was going on, former mayor Rob Ford took to the airwaves to offer his two cents on a potential Olympic bid. Speaking to Newstalk 1010’s John Moore, he cut through the mania about the Olympic Games, saying:. “A) We’re not ready for them, B) We don’t have the infrastructure for them, and C) We don’t have the money for them.” And there I was, sitting in my car and nodding like an idiot, comforted by the fact that someone understands we can’t blow billions of dollars hosting one of the most historically wasteful, odiously expensive and socially and physically disruptive sporting events of all time. Wait a second — Rob Ford’s reassuring voice on the radio is talking down the shenanigans at Mayor Tory’s City Hall? Where the hell am I?

This glitch in the Matrix was only temporary, thankfully. On Tuesday morning, Tory announced that Toronto would not be making a bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. “I believe that one day Toronto will be a great Olympic venue,” he said, “but not in 2024.”

“In the end, it is not my job to be rash. It is my job to make the best decision in the interest of Toronto,” he continued. “I can’t look people in the eye at this point and say that an Olympic bid is the best use of our time and energy.”

That’s the John Tory I recognize from the radio. Nice to hear your voice again, sir.

  • DMB

    I wonder if Kathleen Wynne will try to make a province wide bid for the 2024 Olympics and spread the economic misery of hosting the games throughout the province? The Olympics host to big government spending sprees, bribery, patting the pockets of Liberal connected officials and other forms of corruption which is right up her alley. If she does try to make a bid the only thing that will stop her is the bond rating agencies who will make it to expensive for her to borrow more money to pay her union/public sector allies salaries making Ontario insolvent.

  • Waffle

    Well, I’m breathing a little easier today. When I heard yesterday that he was going to make an announcement today (Tuesday), I was afraid that he might change his mind overnight. But I’m skeptical — he takes his orders from Kathleen. He’s one of her “boys”. Perhaps there’s stuff she would like to keep buried and if Toronto were to make a bid for the Olympics, it might open up embarrassing and awkward questions about the costs and the fall-out of the Pan-Scam Games. The spinners need a bit (a lot) more time to massage the numbers.

  • tom_billesley

    I guess it’ll be Los Angeles.
    European cities will be too busy paying for their quota of Syrians.

  • Gary

    Since John Tory was shocked about how there are refugees from Syria based on the staged Photo of a boy from Turkey found dead on the beach , plus since John didn’t know the over 200,000 Syrian civilians were slaughter recently prior top the Boy On The Beach.
    Someone get this Wealthy White male a news paper from 2001 and one with the Toronto-18 muslims that had a plot to slaughter up to 10,000 people for allah’s cause because Chretien put troops in Afghanistan.

    Canada’s leaders in the Cities and Provinces are dolts that still think that islam=Peace because that’s what the Human Rights Commission’s tell them.
    The Olympic’s would be a prime , and easy, target for islamists in Canada along with Jihad tourism for the islamofascists to be sponsored in ahead of the games and plot their jihad slaughters.

    Sorry muslims, but YOU have made your faith the most hated and have caused 6,000,000,000 non-muslims to perceive it’s followers as prone to violence and terrorism from the examples of the Peaceful followers that suddenly go Jihad to behead people or shoot at groups of non-muslims.

    Toronto is also a Sanctuary City according to Joe Mihevc where the current 300,000 can get Welfare and Health care thanks to treason by Joe and Wynne along with CUPE members handing out the money.
    How many will get in to Canada as a ” Tourist” and just stay for the welfare, we already had 15,000 Tourists from Mexico that were really wanting to make a refugee claim for the welfare and health care plus housing .

  • Clausewitz

    Well there’s no money because they have to pay out those bonus’s for the Scan Am game exec’s for bringing in that goat rodeo in on time and on budget. This of course was announced the day after it was reported that the games came in one billion dollars over budget. It is too weep.