The Rising Cost Of Islam: Calgary police to launch terrorism intervention program

In a first for Canada, Calgary police will launch a terrorism intervention program Tuesday morning aimed at pulling youth away from radicalization.

“We really are trying to focus on the behaviours that cause someone to be involved in an extremist view,” Insp. Mike Bossley said in an exclusive interview.

The project, called ReDirect, will target young people who are vulnerable to radicalization with social services, in an effort to draw them away from the lure of terrorism.

Calgary police are the first Canadian force to roll out such a mentorship strategy, which British police have followed for a decade.


Hmmmmm – read this article on the success of Britain’s efforts…

Britain’s measures to combat the sort of radicalisation that led to the mass murders in Paris are in poor shape

  • Brett_McS

    The behaviours that encourage youth to follow extremist ideologies?

    I would put “being a weak horse” on the top of that list.

  • Censored_EG

    Here’s a brilliant idea. Rather than let these barbarians in our midst in the tens of thousands, let’s permanently halt all Muslim immigration to our country, and save the millions of tax dollars these barbarians will cost us, and potentially many lives here and abroad due to terrorist attacks.

    BAN ISLAM. Period.

    • Makes sense.


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  • Martin B

    Social services will save us all! Hooray!

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Good try even the mayor in Calgary is Muslim he could help his own people in a positive life .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Wich means precisely what? Oops! My bad…experiencing transmission interference from the Planet Stupid…….

      • Exile1981

        I think the police in calgary is a muslim as well.

  • Alain

    Now would these be the same cops who stood by and did nothing while Canadian Jews were assaulted by imported Muslims and even refused to press charges until pushed to do so?

    • Why yes they are. The same cops who declared the Muslims who posted the Protocols not to anti-semitic.

      • Gary

        Chief Blair was more the generous to ignore the law breakers when they were muslims and gays , this now makes sense because he goal was to be a Liberal MP and not Enforce Canada’s Laws.
        So much for High salaries drawing in the Best people, McGuinty and the Leftist progressives at the TPSB wanted to BUY the Police Chief with about $280,000.00 of OUR money to be loyal to his pay cheque and who granted it.
        The Diversity Cops get $90,000.00 a year and yet the Police are now reduced to Parade Duty or Street Festivals while we see how even the tough 9-1-1 calls usually warrants 2 of 3 mini-cops to handle it plus the odd back-ups .

        Justin now knows that Muslims outnumber Jews and natives based on the last Census figures, so don’t buy his veneer of compassion for Aboriginals and Minorities ( jews) because
        a Liberal would borrow you condom to bed your partner and hove No guilt as a sociopath.

    • pike bishop

      Their main career aim is to go home at night…cluck,cluck.

  • Gary

    Wait, is this the same Calgary that condoned a mob of pro-hamas savages that beat-up women and children ?????
    There is a huge disconnect for all three levels of Government and how the Police in Toronto have been ordered NOT to help the RCMP buy turning in illegals when they find them , even when some are criminals because Joe Mihevc said that Toronto is now a Sanctuary City for anyone outside of Canada that can get here.
    Coun. Mihevc also said that the 300,000 curerent illegals will get Welfare, we also had Wynne declare prior to the Election that they would get FREE Health care too.

    When the creek on your property starts to get polluted , you DON’T spend $$millions building a purifying Plant …… go up stream to find why is polluted and then TERMINATE the problem.
    Canada has an Immigration Crisis for who we let in which causes places like Calgary to have anti-Jihad programs that eat up money for Health Care and School when the answer is to STOP the islamofacists from getting in .

    The real threat for Canada and Calgary is the Silent Moderates that pretend to not know of any Jihadists or radicals in the mosques or communities. They are either Complicit , or too stupid to have been allowed into Canada and can’t notice some jew-hating anti-Canada msulims around them spewing hate and promoting terrorism for allah’s cause.

  • Are they talking about singling out young Muslim men? Gasp! they are profiling! Would have worked better had they profiled BEFORE letting them into Canada…

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘The officers will determine what programs can help dissuade people from violence, such as subsidized housing, family counselling or religious feedback.’

    Because life in Calgary, or Canada as a whole, is so bad that someone would want to take their chances fighting with a terrorist group in some dusty hellhole halfway around the world.

    Nothing to do with the Islam!
    Can’t possibly have anything to do with martyrdom!

    • Exile1981

      If the officer decided that a 9mm round was the best method of disuading the jihadis is that allowed?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Nothing short of solitary confinement would be effective for those already here.

  • pike bishop

    More gold bricking from the Calgary Police.

  • simus1

    We have a new budget item at the cop shop and we favoured few are going to ride it full bore up the promotion ladder, no problemo.

  • moraywatson

    Here’s my terrorist prevention program. Note that “prayer” means banging your head on the floor while asking for allah’s assistance in subduing the infidels:

    1. No prayers in mosques that receive government subsidies or tax prefereces of any kind.
    2. No prayer rooms in publicly funded schools and universities.
    3. No prayer breaks while at work.
    4. No prayer rooms in airports, hospitals, train stations etc.

    No prayers, no problems.