Tenth Planned Parenthood Video Released

These people are vile:


  • Monsters.

    • BillyHW

      No, no, sugar and spice, Blaze. Sugar and spice.

  • Alain

    Meanwhile the WH and democrats target those making and releasing the videos, labelling them terrorist groups.

    • Gary

      Typical double standard because when a Tobacco Company rented a few Billboards in a most Black area there was outrage by Sharpton and other race pimps that Blacks were a target as if too stupid to know how dangerous cigarette are and Blacks will go out and buy them just from the AD.
      NOW and Sharpton should be outraged because the majority of aborted babies are females while the highest per-capita rates are for Black babies being aborted which is why PP goes into Afro American areas.
      Margaret Sanger who started PP wanted to stop blacks from having babies as part of lowering the crimes rates and reduce the unproductive burdens on society.

      Nice one Obama , you’re endorsing a racists group trying to stop Black from being born .

  • BillyHW

    But it’s been edited! They do mammograms! Women’s health! Dems and Rinos are bending over backward to pledge funding for Planned Parenthood in a constitutional amendment!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      If abortions are to be done they should be done in safe hospitals.
      Mammograms are not effective screening tools.
      And the other services they provide pretty much amount to sprinkling the world with the fairy dust of pregnancy prevention.
      I think they sell that stuff at pharmacies.

      • Xavier

        Billy’s being sarcastic. PP doesn’t do mammograms, regardless of their claims. Nothing they do has anything to do with “women’s health” – that is simply libspeak for abortions.

        And besides, they’re run by women voters.

  • ntt1

    i find the casual way of discussing dead baby tissues to be really disgusting and almost obscene. Is this how the nazi cremation engineers talked? true evil does wear a banal face and this is it,

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Donald Trump told Bill O’Reilly this evening that as a result of these videos, he favors defunding Planned Parenthood.

  • Xavier

    We’re at Auschwitz level atrocities now; how much worse can this get?