Pope Francis Warns Against “Grandmother Europe”

From an interview on Portuguese radio:

Francis observed that the birthrate is very low in many countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain. “When there is an empty space, people seek to fill it. If a country has no children, migrants come to occupy that space. … Not wanting children is, in part – and this is my interpretation, I don’t know if it is correct – it is linked to the culture of comfort, isn’t it?” He also lamented that then the elderly “are left alone.”

“I think that the great challenge facing Europe is to become once again Mother Europe, rather than Grandmother Europe,” he said. While noting he does not reproach Europe for having made mistakes, he did urge it to recover its Christian roots and stressed it is never too late to change.


For some perspective:

By 2020, in the Land of the Rising Sun, adult diapers will outsell baby diapers: The sun also sets. In The Children of Men, the barrenness is a medical condition; in real life, in some of the oldest nations on earth, from Madrid to Tokyo, it’s a voluntary societal self-extinction. In Europe, the demographic death spiral is obscured by high Muslim immigration; in Japan, which retains a cultural aversion to immigration of any kind, there are no foreigners to be the children you couldn’t be bothered having yourself. In welfare states, the future is premised on social solidarity: The young will pay for the costs of the old. But, as the West ages, social solidarity frays…


  • Ed

    “…Not wanting children is, in part – and this is my interpretation, I don’t know if it is correct – it is linked to the culture of comfort, isn’t it?”

    Do as I say, not as I do…

  • John

    Europeans would be in a much better position if they hadn’t decided to import so many Muslims. As a demographic, they’re mostly useless and parasitic. I’m confident that any involved cost-benefit analysis would demonstrate that they consume more than they produce.

    That Europe’s population is set to decline in the coming years really isn’t all that big a deal, seeings so many jobs are about to be lost to automation. The problem isn’t so much one of a shrinking demographic, but rather a changing ( for the worse!) demographic.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      But who is going to collect the trash and clean the restaurant tables?

  • The Butterfly

    Is this the same pope that told Catholics not to breed like rabbits?

  • Pope Francis isn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said before. In this, he is right- Europe has bred itself out of existence.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s the tax overhang of the welfare state that causes people not to have kids

  • DMB

    A side effect of socialism. It is when the government taxes people at high rates and people either working long hours to get by and don’t have time for kids or can’t find work and can’t afford to have kids.