Iranian Female Soccer Star Faces Husband-Imposed Travel Ban

It’s a man’s world for Niloufar Ardalan, one of Iran’s best female soccer players and known as Lady Goal for her on-field exploits in international women’s Islamic tournaments.

Ardalan says she will not be able to compete in an upcoming tournament in Malaysia because her husband has refused to grant her permission to travel abroad as required by Islamic laws enforced in Iran.

  • Clinton

    Our brave “social-justice warrior” feminists here in the West will
    ignore this story, as usual. Similarly, LBGT groups here in the West
    remain silent in the face of reports of homosexuals killed in the

    So many brave, brave social-justice warriors!

    • Surele Surele

      but, but, but… she was going to wear her head gear. Oh, the humanity!

  • Martin B

    “Ardalan says her husband, a sports journalist and television presenter, has used this authority to prevent her from competing in the upcoming tournament because he does not want her to miss the first day of school for her 7-year-old son on September 23”

    More like the Muzzy jocksniffer does not want the world to know his wife is a better soccer player than he is.

    • Exile1981

      Or he’s just punishing her.

      • Martin B

        True, in either case he knows that Allah and the Ayatollahs are on his side.

  • bargogx1

    Don’t worry, I’m sure feminists throughout the free world will be staging massive protests against this. They just need a little time to get it all organized, then I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it in the media. I’m sure it’ll be happening any day now….

  • Xavier

    Kick him in the balls, honey. You have the skillz!

  • Edubeat

    I wouldn’t pull this one on my wife she would do her Ms. Piggy karate chop on me.