Greenfield: Christian refugees in Sweden fear Muslim refugees

Algerian Jews fled the country after the French left and the Muslims began to massacre them. They went to France. The Muslims followed them. The end result were attacks on synagogues, kidnappings, murders and the return of the Supremacist Muslim persecution that they had fled. Now Christian refugees in Sweden face the same Muslim Supremacist threat…

“If the massive influx of Muslim immigrants come from North African countries and from Middle Eastern countries, they want to impose Sharia law. We are just trying to keep our traditions and our values and our democracy alive,” David Dag, with the Aramean Democratic Organization of Sweden, said…

  • ThomasB

    “The massive wave of Muslim migrants into Europe has left some of those Christians wondering if any place is safe, according to a group of Christian migrants in Sodertalje, Sweden.”

    Been wondering the same thing myself, actually.

  • Alain

    You have to be brain dead not to know by now that Islam cannot and does not co-exist with any non Muslim population.

    • David

      Willful blindness.