Estonian Volunteers Want to Defend Country From Russia

Members of Estonia’s part-time militia crouch in a sandy trench on a hilltop as machine gun fire echoes through rain washed forest. Russia may be some way off but it is wariness of a vast neighbor that is swelling the force’s ranks, drawing laborers and office workers alike to a grueling exercise.

The Defense League of the Baltic State has grown 10 percent to almost 16,000 soldiers since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea last year and support for rebels in eastern Ukraine raised security fears in the small NATO nation. …

The Kremlin denies Western charges it fomented rebellion in Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine. But Tallinn fears the Kremlin could incite unrest among Estonia’s own ethnic Russians, who account for some 25 percent of the population, concentrated in Tallinn and around Narva near the border.

Its fears are shared by the other Baltic states ruled from Moscow from World War II until 1991 — Lithuania and Latvia.

  • Estonia has little hope of dealing with the Russian bear.

    Estonians must find a way to preserve what is important to them, while remembering the sleeping bear could roll over at any time and flatten them. And the West can do nothing about it.

    • tom_billesley

      If they fight like Finns, for example Simo Häyhä ()White Death), the Russians will get a bloody nose.
      … and the Finns had little help against the Soviets whereas now they have the mutual defence pact of NATO

    • The Baltic states have always been at the mercy of Russia while the rest of the world watches.

      Estonians can either do something or concede defeat which the West has already done for them.

  • Xavier

    Within 10 years, Russia will have control of the Eastern 1/2 of Europe. Some countries will be invaded as Ukraine was, and some will ally with Mother Russia for protection against the Moslem Horde. Islam will rule the western 1/2 of Europe. The Moslem Empire will extend from Sweden down to Morocco and east to Pakistan.

    Heck, Europe might even get a new wall.

  • FactsWillOut

    Actually, it was NATO and the US that fomented rebellion is the Ukraine.

    • Fran800

      Correct. There is no sign in the world that any of these countries have to fear invasion by Russia. Invasion by Muslim “refugees” is another story if they are in the EU.
      BTW, Russia, like the other countries that formerly were under the heading of “Western Civilization”, is suffering demographic collapse from low birth rate. As the article mentions, there are huge ethnic Russian minorities in the Baltic countries. Some of them are happy there; some would like to return to Russia (at least they did when Russia was recovering economically and spiritually under Putin after the Yeltsin disaster). As it happens, there is a Canadian ex-diplomat, James Bisset, who was involved in helping these people return to Russia (the ones who wanted to go). With the disastrous events in Ukraine and the Western attempts at regime change also in Russia mainly through crippling sanctions, that initiative has probably been stopped.

      • tom_billesley

        Of the Baltic nations, Estonia and Latvia have about a quarter Russian ethnicity, but Lithuania only about 6%.

    • barryjr

      And why was a referendum with over 90 of voters taking part with 90% of those wanting to join Russia rejected as un-democratic by the Nazis in the EU and NATO?

      • tom_billesley

        Apart from the legality of it all, why quote a turnout that is wrong, when the numbers are easy to find. The number is disputed by Ukraine, but as claimed by the “peoples’ republics” was 74.87% in Donetsk and 75% in Lugansk. The vote in favour of anschluss with Russia was claimed to be 89.07% and 96.2% respectively. [source:]
        The objections were raised by the EU and USA.
        NATO is a military alliance and has no interest in a referendum. I have never seen an opinion from NATO on the subject. Provide a link if possible.

        • FactsWillOut

          NATO members’ leaders instantly recognized the new leader as legit, despite the fact that he deposed a democratically elected leader via coup d’etat. Instantly.

      • FactsWillOut

        And why was a leader who deposed a democratically elected leader via a coup d’etat instantly recognized by all of NATO as legit? As soon as the instant recognition kicked in, I knew it stank to high heaven.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Baltic republics have another source of worry. There is a little piece of Russia wedged in between Poland and Lithuania that is separated many miles from the main mass of Russia itself. It used to be part of East Prussia until the Red Army drove the German population out in early 1945, settled it with Russians and renamed the communities. Konigsburg became Kaliningrad, Insterburg became Cherniakovsk, etc. You can bet that Russia has a military presence there, thus threatening the Baltics from both sides.