Dear BBC’s Stephen Nolan, Why Don’t You Pick On Someone Your Own (Ego) Size?

Dear Stephen Nolan,

I see that you recently took a barrage of phone calls, and have experienced quite a lot of Twitter confrontation over your comments to your callers on your BBC radio show. I must say, I sought out and listened to your show having not been a listener before, and was equally incensed not just by how you treat your listeners, but by your lack of objectivity, and with the clearly emotional, sub-factual way you presented the migrant crisis on a publicly-funded channel.

  • Blind Druid

    I wouldn’t waste my time with the BBC. Period.

  • simus1

    To assume BBC talking heads have free will is a bridge too far.
    The only exception that immediately comes to mind would be the now expelled “Top Gear Gang”.

  • k1962

    The interview they are talking about was painful to listen to. Nolan was very rude to the callers and the callers actually argued the points quite well while Nolan could just insult them with one liners. He was an *ss.

    • disqusW6sf

      I listened for a couple of minutes only. Nolan was unbearable.