Britain’s Lurch Left Brings Hate Into the European Mainstream

The astonishing landslide victory of extremist Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election for Britain’s Labour Party is being widely interpreted as likely to ensure that their Conservative foes will remain in power for a long time. The Tories are happy about this and mainstream Labour activists sadly agree that their party — which seemed invincible a decade ago at the apex of Tony Blair’s prime ministership — has rendered itself unelectable.

  • The Butterfly

    Michael Coren is beside himself with joy at this guy’s election.

    • David Murrell

      Is this for real? Please post a link. Is Mr. Coren that far gone?

  • Hard Little Machine

    May as well call for Treblinka style death camps in Britain.

    • Xavier

      Oh they’ll have them – and the Brits will be the ones in them.

      As bad as things are, thank God we’re not in Europe.

  • Martin B

    “Landslide victory” and “extremist” are contradictory. Jeremy has been hanging out with terrorists & holocaust deniers for decades. If psychotic hatred of Israel & Jews wasn’t already mainstream rather than extreme, there could have been no landslide victory.

    • disqusW6sf

      It is horrible.