A Long, Slow Ride to Hell — and We’re Not There Yet

As Roger Kimball noted on PJ Media last month, Encounter Books has recently published my new book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, a study of the nature of good and evil, God and Satan, and the heroic culture of the Judeo-Christian West vs. the collectivist nihilism of what I call the Unholy (or satanic) Left, followers to a man of the Frankfurt School of mostly German Marxist philosophers, whose destructive, anti-cultural handiwork we can see all around us. For just about every social pathology that currently has Americans and Europeans scratching their heads — how the hell did we get here? — has its origins in the teachings of the Frankfurters and its practical application embodied by the pernicious doctrine of Critical Theory. Destruction of national sovereignty? Check. Redefinition of marriage and the family? Check. Replacement of the Individual-as-Hero with the collectivist ethos of the human ant farm?

We have a winner.

  • Xavier

    Use big words and talk in circles. I didn’t understand a single sentence of whatever that was.

  • Alain

    It has seemed clear to me for a very long time that the West was being destroyed by the followers of the Frankfurt school of marxism. In North America it was very clear during the 60s and has only become worse since then. They even managed to hijack the English language in order to promote their agenda and few people resisted. The latest example being the successful push to replace sex with gender. Far too many do not understand that changing the meaning and usage of words has consequences, and not good ones. In fact the whole PC concept is part of the plan, which is exactly why I reject it completely.