Whitey To Blame For Sikh Gangs Says Sikh Criminal Gang member…

Beeba Boys brings Deepa Mehta into gang territory

Eventually, she had the opportunity to meet real Punjabi gang members – enjoying tea and samosas in the living room with their mothers before venturing downstairs where they showed her their Glocks and AK47s. The filmmaker boldly asked one man about his motivation.

“He said a lot of it comes from the white legacy of racism and the desire to be seen,” Mehta told CBC News.

“It’s not just the ‘usual gangster stuff.’ It is a lot of anger and desire to be visible in a white dominated society.”


Every day I wake up and  wonder; How am I gonna keep those Sikhs down…

Canada is so PC that even the gangsters are granted special victims status.

As for Deepa, she clearly needs to get out more. An impoverished simpleton’s world view explains the er… success of her films. ( Remember to Thank the tax payers Deepa).

I suppose we’re to blame for that as well, we invite settlers not immigrants.

Multiculturalism teaches that our heritage, culture and values are worthless and all others are not just equal but better.

h/t JB