Whitey To Blame For Sikh Gangs Says Sikh Criminal Gang member…

Beeba Boys brings Deepa Mehta into gang territory

Eventually, she had the opportunity to meet real Punjabi gang members – enjoying tea and samosas in the living room with their mothers before venturing downstairs where they showed her their Glocks and AK47s. The filmmaker boldly asked one man about his motivation.

“He said a lot of it comes from the white legacy of racism and the desire to be seen,” Mehta told CBC News.

“It’s not just the ‘usual gangster stuff.’ It is a lot of anger and desire to be visible in a white dominated society.”


Every day I wake up and  wonder; How am I gonna keep those Sikhs down…

Canada is so PC that even the gangsters are granted special victims status.

As for Deepa, she clearly needs to get out more. An impoverished simpleton’s world view explains the er… success of her films. ( Remember to Thank the tax payers Deepa).

I suppose we’re to blame for that as well, we invite settlers not immigrants.

Multiculturalism teaches that our heritage, culture and values are worthless and all others are not just equal but better.

h/t JB

  • Martin B

    There are plenty of real Punjabi gang members in the Punjab (that’s the one back home in India, not the one in Surrey). What’s their excuse?

  • mauser 98

    they are oppressed… victims of racism.. misunderstood

    • Only Rap music can save them now.

      • ntt1

        they listen to east indian rap called bangra, you can hear their tuner cars coming for blocks, all the glass floating freely on the rubber gaskets with the sound cranked to 11. frankly they are the product of motherly coddling that would embarrass even the most guilt tripping jewish momma. they aren’t gangsters really, just losers

  • Millie_Woods

    This makes me Sikh to my stomach.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Go gut yourself with your kirpan already!



  • Chris

    Deepah Mehta is the brown, filmmaking Margaret Atwood.

    • Alain

      Well that says it all.

  • Are whities to blames for Sikh extremists murdering innocent people on Air India flight 182, as well?

    • ntt1

      absolutely we are intrinsically guilty of everything except creating a stable culture and society that allows these childish thugs to thrive instead of lying beaten to a pulp in a police station somewhere in calcutta

      • Well, the Punjab isn’t in Calcutta, but, yes- it’s everybody’s else fault.

  • Tokenn

    I know lots of Sikhs and find them to be splendid people. I’d cheerfully swap every Muslim in Canada for a Sikh. As for gangsterism…every society has those, and the fact that they’re here is simply evidence that every sort of gangster is a opportunist and fast on his feet [cf. ‘Syrian migrants]. They also know that Western society is largely made up of suckers who will fall for this sort of excuse…

  • Gary

    I remember how easy the Media was when that Sikh youth in BC wanted to cut his hair against his Parents wishes so he fabricated a hate-crime where a gang of White racists jumped him and cut his long hair off.
    The White-Guilt Liberal and NDPer’s ran with this and almost wanted a Department of Long Hair for non-Whites from their outrage even though there was NO evidence or arrests.
    The Police and Media still blamed Canada’s racism and bigotry because IT was the cause for him cutting his hair to blend in and was FORCED to lie.

    Muslims also get a pass when they fabricate vandalism to their mosques or businesses to get sympathy as the victims of the mythical islamophobia , or when muslims youth turn over head stones that have the Star Of David on them .

    Can’t wait until Toronto become like Detroit with few Whitey’s to blame their ills on and we see these closet-bigots turn on each other since Wynne booted all the Whites out of the Government jobs in TO white Toronto City Hall Unions got rid of them too.
    Just maybe the Blacks and 50 shades of Brown will wake-up and see that Canada didn’t fall from the sky one day and be great from the start, lots of White’s and Christians created it from their values .
    The 1970’s brought in the era of mocking the hard working and demonizing Citizens born from parents born in Canada. We now have more racism but this time it’s the ungrateful non-white immigrants that hand it down to their children that the same White Nation that let them in is full of White racist bigots .

    Obama is now banging Al Sharpton’s racism drum and yet he’s Black and the President of the same nation he claims is racist. Funny how he can ignore the near 800+ homicides in Chi and Det to most Blacks while he points at Whites s not caring about Black Lives .

  • truth

    deport all whites back to Europe!.