Race Nazis at two Toronto universities pull down ‘White Students Union’ posters after sightings on campus

Officials at Toronto’s Ryerson University were pulling down posters from a group calling itself a “White Students Union” on Monday, calling the material “offensive” and in contravention of school policy.

According to photos on Twitter, the posters feature two young, white men with the CN Tower in the background. The only text is “White Students Union!” and the group’s website.


I have no idea who is behind this, however contrary to the idiot at Ryerson “Being White” is not “offensive” nor, much as I  suspect he may wish, is it a violation of the criminal code.

You either believe in the tolerance you  preach or you don’t.

Clearly the Race Nazis at Ryerson and U Of T don’t, instead they push a racist agenda.

White skin is demonized –  always.

White people are always racist, in fact only whites can be racist according to these Nazis.

Simply put, White is evil. That’s the racist pablum fed every university student.

Whoever is behind this deserves credit for exposing the racism that underlies the sick left wing agenda that dominates our university campuses.