Ontario elementary teachers say Wynne wants to rush a deal for Trudeau’s sake #elxn42

TORONTO — Ontario’s elementary teachers accuse the provincial Liberal government of trying to force a deal at the bargaining table for the sake of their federal cousins.

Why can’t they both lose?

  • David

    It’s good when they eat each other.

  • andycanuck

    Yes. I was berating him while watching on City and then heard him make the Wynne deal with the other teachers’ unions to get Justin elected and I cheered! “Alright! They’re pulling for the NDP and not the Grits!”

  • Icebow

    Turdeau seems to be widely regarded as handsome, but there’s something somehow disgusting about his face; and I hope I would say the same were I female.

    • Well, I am in fact a female (at least according to Wynne’s gender-fluidity ideology, and for the purposes of this post), and I can honestly say that I’m not attracted to Justin!

      • OMg, I’m sitting here in front of the TV and watching “And you didn’t think you couldn’t Dance” (or whatever it’s called). Two queers are dancing with one another right now– one of them in lacy white underpants. Seriously, it’s on CTV RIGHT NOW!

        • David Murrell

          Typical CTV fare.

          • That’s why I don’t pay for cable and never have. I “pirate” whatever signals I can “OTA”. CTV only has two kinds of OTA programming: nanny State teddy bear queer stuff, or serial killer witch warlock superpower chop up your body stuff. Very strange juxtaposition and really makes you wonder what kind of schizos are in charge since Bell Media purchased the station.

        • Canadian

          I think one of them is some kind of female.
          I also thought they were two “guys”.

  • Chris

    Cousins? More like conjoined twins….connected bowel to mouth

  • That photo is an accurate representation. It demonstrates that Truedough is not quite politically born yet — he is trying hard to get out, but can’t quite make it.

    • David Murrell

      Great photo by BCF.

  • David Murrell

    If Trudeau wins, given the logistical help from the Ontario Liberals and the Toronto media cartel, thus will represent a rather major victory for eastern Canada. Once Trudeau (or Mullcair) wins, this will drastically change the centre of power in Canada.

  • Edubeat

    The union thugocracy has the kids right where it wants them – child hostages. Remember those school insurance forms. the teachers won’t collect them and send to the office. source -12 year old student

    • Clausewitz

      My wife collected all the forms and permission slips she needed in order for the school year to go forward. The next day she received a reprimand from the Union. Her response was “Fuck em if they can’t see the forest for the trees”.

  • Chris

    Between his two mom’s, which ones crazier?