The traitor class…

Saudi businessman donates $10m for Islamic Law Center at Yale

The gulf between our “elites” and the rest of us grows ever wider.

  • adam

    Very interesting, if difficult to understand, piece at Gates of Vienna which explores the roots of Western elites’ embrace of Islam:

  • Dana Garcia

    Mayor Rudy Giuliani turned down $10 million from a Saudi prince after 9/11.

    • Martin B

      That was the most righteous thing he ever did.

  • Western “liberal elites” are the most closed minded fools I have ever met.

    I have a large group of “liberal elite” friends. They never question my thoughts on any issue, and assume I must agree with them. They routinely chat up their political fetishes with a, holier than thou, attitude. They never allow any comments that deviate from the “narrative”.

    When I say anything that rocks the intellectual boat, they exhibit childlike hostility. Their minds are closed to new data. They are truly, well educated (brainwashed) fools, unwilling to look beyond their intellectual comfort zone.

    “The Traitor Class” says it all.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Yale would accept an endowment from Jack the Ripper. Follow the money.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Islamic law is oxymoronic.