Migrant crisis: Refugees must be prioritised on their beliefs

Just as the government, in allocating the 12,000 places it has added to the humanitarian intake, has every right to screen out security threats, so it has every right to test whether applicants are capable of integrating peacefully and effectively into the community.

And like it or not, religion is a crucial factor in that respect, all the more so with refugees from the greater Middle East.

It is therefore entirely proper for Australians to be concerned about the religious composition of the expanded intake the government has announced.

  • Let in Christians. They are less likely to hold up cafes.


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  • Blind Druid

    Problem is – the muzz will lie and say they’re Christians. Taqiyya. If we bust them by asking them to recite the 23rd psalm and eat bacon washed down with beer, while petting a dog, they will fess up and say OK I’m Muslim, but I want to convert to Christianity. Once the lib prog idiots let them supposedly do so, they will then say “I am now an apostate – I can’t go back or I will be killed”. Best solution, don’t let the bastards in. Period.