Is Europe Losing Control Over Its Destiny?

The European Commission, the powerful administrative arm of the European Union, has unveiled a controversial plan that would compel EU member countries to accept 160,000 migrants and refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

The move by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to force European countries to throw open their borders — and to require them to provide migrants with free clothing, food, housing and healthcare for an indefinite period of time — not only represents an audacious usurpation of national sovereignty, it is also certain to encourage millions of additional migrants from the Muslim world to begin making their way to Europe.

  • DMB

    All the Europeans nations lost control over its destiny when the European Union was created taking away sovereign control over there borders and turning Europe into a United States of Europe.

  • Xavier

    Not at all – in fact, they deliberately chose their destiny.

    • Fran800

      Well, some did, but not all. Britain never really got it. Margaret Thatcher and others were certain that it was a free trade zone, or an intergovernmental cooperative organization, something like that. They never really got that the whole point of it was “ever great er union”.

      See Christopher Booker, The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive?

  • ellake

    It is not only that. Right now some people, for example Mr Gross who is professor at Princeton University, is writing that

    Poles, who, deservedly proud
    of their society’s anti-Nazi resistance, actually killed more Jews than
    Germans during the war.

    How can Germans (and some Jews, because Gross is a Jew) write such a bullshit? Why they are helping Merkel and helping destruction of Jews in Europe, because if Europe will accept all these migrants Jews will be killed in Europe. And they will be killed not by the Poles, not by the Czechs, not by the Hungarians, they will be killed by the migrants whom Gross wants Europe to accept.

    • Fran800

      I read the article. You are right, Ellake, it is disgusting.

      “Eastern Europe … has yet to come to terms with its murderous past. Only when it does will its people be able to recognize their obligation to save those fleeing in the face of evil.”
      So many things wrong with that, where to begin?

      First, most of these healthy young Muslims dressed in leisure sportswear with expensive sneakers and cell phones are not fleeing from a war zone. Most of the Syrians were living safely in Muslim Turkey with help from the United Nations, whose international responsibility they are. So what exactly is the “evil” Professor Gross thinks they are fleeing from? And about half of them are not Syrians at all, but bandwagon jumpers from other Muslim countries.

      Second, we have been told for years that Israel is “the canary in the coal mine”, or some such thing, that Israel’s standing its ground was a bulwark for Europe, that we were all in the same boat, whatever, and we should all defend Israel. Now Professor Gross is advocating that Europe destroy itself by demographic collapse in the face of invasion. What happened to “One for all and all for one”? Professor Gross seems to think that Europe (or separate European countries) have no interests of their own at all.
      From a purely selfish point of view if you are a Jew, how could anyone think that an Islamized Europe (and soon to be Islamized North America) could possible be of any use either to Israel or to Jews in their own countries?
      Finally, Europe does NOT deserve this at all, including Germany. Europeans fought off Muslims for over a thousand years. There was Charles Martel, warrior of France; the Reconquista of Spain, The endless attacks on the underbelly of Europe, especially Italy, France, Spain, for example, the Martyrs of Otranto about 1480. Then there was the 700 year agony of the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire. Remember Pope Benedict’s reference to the Emperor Manuel Palaeologos of 1391? He was virtually a slave to the Turks at the time. Less than 60 years later the Empire fell to the Turks. Soon all of Greece and the Balkans had fallen, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary. The final victory at the Gates of Vienna won for Europe by the King of Poland. Greece and the Balkan countries won their independence in the 19th century with horrible suffering. The idea that Greece or any of these countries “deserve” to be invaded by Muslims — this is evil.

  • Dana Garcia

    Submitting to invasion does redirect one’s destiny.

  • David


  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Europe has become the new land of the Sharia law Christian temples will be demolish and mosques will appear anywhere.

    • john700

      Why demolish them? Hagia Sophia comes to mind.

  • Shebel

    Sorry. I must be on the wrong thread. Enjoy the movie– Do the apes and monkees really take over the Planet?

  • tom_billesley

    Germany has just imposed “temporary” controls at its border with Austria.
    Hundreds of police moved to border
    City of Munich says that its resources have almost been exhausted.
    Trains from Austria cancelled until tomorrow

    • john700

      Now they run out of housing. Wait to see when they run out of money.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Schengen is on its way out, to be followed by the EU itself.

  • Doug Kursk

    Merkel must go.
    I’ll pay for the train fare.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Europe collectively surrendered around 1970. That was the transition generation to what this is. What this is is the future.

  • Xavier

    Iran and Russia will divide Europe, obviously with Iran controlling the western portion which, united with the ME, will set its sights on conquering a weakened North America. Iranian Europe (+ the ME) will eventually challenge Russia. Outcomes are hard to predict, but conflicts are not.