Historian understood to have found first use of word f*** in 1310 English court case

An historian believes he may have found the earliest recorded use of the word “f***” in the English language where its meaning carries a clear sexual connotation, hidden within court records from 1310, concerning a man named Roger Fuckebythenavele.

Dr Paul Booth, a former lecturer in medieval history and an honorary senior research fellow in history at Keele University, made the accidental discovery in a set of Chester County court documents from September 1310 while researching the period of Edward II.

  • Osh

    Gee, that’s a name you just don’t live down. “From now on, there will be no more mockery of your name, Mr. Fuckebythenavele.”

  • huron

    aww crap

  • huron

    sorry dropped my drink

  • edlancey

    probably Roger Fuckebythenavy

    • Clausewitz

      It always amuses me when people use the word Frigging when they have no clue what the word means.


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  • Bearspaw

    What kind of fucking word is “f***”?