Blasted? Ex-Soldier Hillier Says Open Floodgates To Mid-East Madhouse

The Canadian Forces could play a key role in helping to bring at least 50,000 Syrian refugees — far more than the government is planning — to Canada by Christmas, retired general Rick Hillier says.

“We’ve got these incredible leaders in the Canadian Forces, across the RCMP and many other places in our nation who are ready to step up,” he said in an interview with Rosemary Barton on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics.

Hillier, the former chief of the defence staff, called for the government to bring in at least 50,000 Syrian refugees over the next three months, a figure he called realistic.

h/t MiniCapt

  • BillyHW

    Hillier is mentally ill.

  • Dave

    And I thought Hillier was supposed to be one of the good guys.
    Face it people, we are now officially f*cked.

    • WalterBannon

      no one at his level is a good guy, just another political toady

      • G

        Exactly, too many cocktail parties, too much hanging out with the Ottawa/Toronto useless elite. The eloi have made him one of their own.

  • WalterBannon

    Unless they are bringing them here to be ground up for pig feed then, NO.

    Hillier FO and die scumbag.


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  • lolwut?

    I think Canada still has the death penalty for high treason on the books.

  • favill

    I bet in the next iteration you’ll see Mr Hillier running as a Lieberal nominee for Buttfuck, NFLD.

  • canminuteman

    Maybe he is bored with retirement and he figures if he can start a war he will be called back to active service. You know, it’s like the stories you read about mysterious arson attacks by fire fighters trying to drum up business.

  • David Murrell

    Everyone on this thread could flame if they want, but back in the 1990s the Canadian government took in thousands of Kosavar refugees (they’re Muslim) put them up in abandoned military housing, and — when the fighting was over — shipped all of them back to Kosovo. I remember this, since at least 2,000 were housed at Camp Gagetown here outside of Fredericton.

    Of course, nobody thinks of doing that again, here of in Europe. It is mentally above anyone’s heads. They ultra-left say all refugees MUST be given cushy welfare, and a chance for citizenship. They reject the idea of treating people as temporary refugees,. Rubbish.

    • V10_Rob

      Oh I’d have no problem bringing actual refugees in, making it explicit that it’s temporary.

      I expect a lot of the country-shoppers will take a pass on that offer.

      • David Murrell


    • DD_Austin

      Sounds smart… until you think about it

      What are we doing with enough “abandoned” “military” housing for thousands of people? While our soldiers are away fighting, muslims live in their homes at public expense?

      As for shipping the “refugees” back and forth, of course they went back
      to rule their new undemocratic EU islamic puppet state. Rank and file
      people don’t get safe cushy refugee spots

      I certainly hope nobody thinks of doing that again. The entire Yugoslavian episode was a betrayal of western civilization.

      Hillier is right we could take 50,000 if we wanted to, Problem is a lot of
      Canadians don’t want to, for good reason.

      • canminuteman

        We had (don’t know if we still do) a lot of abandoned military housing back in the 90’s because of the drastic draw down in the military. I joined the regular army in 1988 when we had a strength of close to 90,000. After that time we closed down CFB Lahr and CFB Baden in Germany and disbanded 4 CMBG, which was more than 1/4 of our army strength. The air force and navy took similar cuts. Most of the base housing was build in the 50’s and 60’s when all up strength was about 150,000. Now we are down to about 60,000. So there was lots of base housing in the 90’s. Since then a lot has been sold off and torn down, so I doubt their is any surplus now. I also think they have been trying to get people who would have lived in base hosing in the past to live off base because the armed forces has no interest in providing people housing.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    If Harper wins again he will become his adviser.

    • G

      I doubt that Maurixio.

  • Edubeat

    Generals should stick it to ISIS not bringing in Syrian non-refugees