Al Qaeda chief urges lone wolf attacks in U.S. and West in new recording

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on young Muslim men in the United States and other Western countries to carry out attacks inside those countries in an audio recording posted online on Sunday.

“I call on all Muslims who can harm the countries of the crusader coalition not to hesitate,” Zawahri said referring to Western nations.

“We must now focus on moving the war to the heart of the homes and cities of the crusader West and specifically America.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Yet the Left continues to push for Canada to accept more Muslim refugees.

    • It is madness, it isn’t even about ideology it is only driven by the shared contempt the left and Islam share for western civilization.

      • mobuyus

        With the left it’s all about their preening to a captive population.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam, and I’m sure the ten thousand muslims coming to Ontario won’t be a problem. Islam is a a religion of peace. Besides, Wynne, her partner, and her united church congregation are sponsoring a refugee family so it must be alright.

    • I hope Wynne kicks her husband out of the basement and lets Mohammed move in.

      • ontario john

        But the entertainment industry is getting involved with the world’s most important human rights issue. No its not islam, the media and Toronto are excited about the TIFF festival where most of the movies are about homosexuals, lesbians and trans gender perverts. No films about islam, and certainly no films about China. China is a major Hollywood market. Even Elton John announced that he wants to meet Putin to discuss homosexual rights.

        • mobuyus

          Putin knows where to stuff “golden boys”.

        • Xavier

          Hmmm. The Russian Bear, eh?

  • This article details exactly how Islam works.

    Countless “holy men” incite countless other devout believers to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    The exact number and quantity of these holy men and devout believers is not know. But there are enough of them to “get the job done”.

    It starts out slowly, like in Canada and the US. The general politicians ignore the fist waves of violence as nothing more than “equivalent” to other groups. But as the number of Muslims in any given society goes up, the quantity of lone wolf attacks will also go up.

    As the Muslim population grows the attacks become more common. At some point your society looks like Beirut. Soon after that it succumbs to Islam.

  • Doug Kursk

    Time for all Muslims to go away.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A pathetic attempt to stay relevant by a terrorist has been.