5 Ways Europe Is Reviving The 1930s

Czech police intercepted a group of Syrian asylum-seekers on a train headed for Germany. Upon being detained, the 200 or so refugees were marked with ink numbers on their forearms. While clearly a mishap, it was not the first time that Europeans were reminded of a period many would rather forget.

h/t Marvin

  • What a lousy article – that must be one of the Soros’ grant recipients that are flooding Eastern Europe. I am sick and tired of exploiting the Holocaust to justify the Muslim invasion. Marking with ink potential Muslim terrorists, who take advantage of the Schengen agreement to do their asylum shopping in Europe, is not a revival of Hitler’s years. But now trashing Eastern Europe is the favourite game of the Brussels faggots. Everybody forgets that the free travel was designed for the members of the Union, not for Third World invaders.

    And blaming Russia when Europe is burning because of the incompetence of Granny Merkel and other idiots who opened the borders to Muslims is not helping either. This is rich, the author accuses the international community that it enabled the “Mussolini’s support of nationalists in the Spanish Civil War”. Do you know what the Stalin thugs were planning as the future of Spain in 1936?

    And this paragraph is straight from the Soros manual:

    “Instead of a unified European response—welcoming refugees—EU member
    states are re-introducing border controls, marking the end of the
    freedom of movement within the EU. Needless to say, the refugee crisis
    brings about other disturbing parallels. In 1938, a Daily Mail headline warned Britons
    of “German Jews pouring into this country.” Switch the country and the
    religion, and the headlines today are eerily similar.”

    Comparing Jews to Muslim savages is ridiculous. If that’s the best that phony intellectuals like Mr. Rohac can do, it’s no wonder the ordinary Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians are pissed off.

    • G

      Your last paragraph says a lot more than you intended.
      How many problems in the western civilization can be traced back to this same conflict?

      The useless, do nothing intellectuals, (politicians, lawyers, judges, academics, union leaders, journalists, artists and activists) tell the government what “the people want” and the governments act accordingly because they are a part of the same clique.

      At the same time, the ordinary working person, the tradesman, the store clerk, the business owner, the restaurant worker, the laborer or truck driver, the stay at home mom, the soldier, the fisherman or farmer they get ignored or worse labelled bigot.


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  • ntt1

    whats the big deal with being marked with a number? i remember attending many freakers balls in the 70s where a random number was scrawled on your arm to show you paid, later as the drugs kicked in and literacy, numeracy and just plain civility plummeted,the doormen and women resorted to a rather bizarre stamp reading “Left luggage.”

  • FactsWillOut

    So, refugee crisis is because Europe not nice enough and Putin eats babies.
    This article is trash.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Guilt about the Holocaust is a big factor in what is going on in Europe…someone needs to tell the Europeans that letting in millions of the most Jew-hating people in the world is a poor way to atone for killing or driving out most of its Jews.

    • disqusW6sf


  • Georgina

    I find the constant “the Nazis did it so it is bad” meme depressing. The nazis used toothbrushes, the nazis sang songs.
    Certain actions are bad, regardless of who does them. I don’t care if some god impregnated a virgin – rape is still on my black list, as for the numbers business – are they tatoos, or just indelible ink? (tatooing people against their will is bad, numbers or not.)