UK: Dad pleads not guilty to terror charges relating to alleged support for Islamic State

A dad-of-six from Sunderland has pleaded not guilty to a raft of alleged terror offences over his alleged support for Islamic State in Syria.

Self-employed businessman Mohammed Kahar, 37, from Burnville Road in the Eden Vale area of the city, appeared before the Old Bailey via video link from Wandsworth prison.

  • ontario john

    The media is excited with the breaking news that former PM Jean Cretin has called Harper cold hearted in regards im regards to the refugee scam. He also said Harper has shamed Canada and Canadians. Nothing like an old liberal crook to make political hay out of a refugee crisis. And more good news. Wynne also states Harper is not doing enough. WYNNE NOW WANTS TO BRING TEN THOUSAND MUSLIMS TO ONTARIO. Gee , I can’t wait.

    • ontario john

      Sorry for the bad spelling, but the cat won’t stay off the keyboard

      • mobuyus

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