The women taking on Isis: on the ground with Iraq’s female fighters

“Her story is too long and too sad,” says Alfred Yaghobzadeh. An alert, unnerving eye is all that’s visible in his portrait of a Yazidi woman who was captured by Isis last year, taken through Iraq to Syria and raped repeatedly. Photographed in a makeshift house with no door, she peeks between a wall and a hanging blanket, lit by sunset.

  • What a waste of propaganda.

    When these “warrior-ettes” become field fertilizer their “efforts” will have been a waste.

  • Martin B

    Meanwhile, a million Mohammedan “men” are running away to collect welfare from idiot infidels.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I don’t know if cause and effect have anything to do with this, but a growing number of Israel’s girl soldiers are seeking combat infantry assignments.

    • David

      Similarly, while women fought alongside men in pre-IDF Jewish militias such as the Haganah, the instant the IDF began to transition from fighting a “war of survival” to optimizing for combat against modern, well-equipped armies, it transitioned to all-male units. Prior to the transition, “mixed direct combat units had consistently higher casualty rates.” And Haganah commanders had “stopped allowing women to serve in assault forces because ‘physically[they] could not run as well — and if they couldn’t run fast enough, they would endanger the whole unit, so they were put in other units.”

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  • k

    And we want to take in the Syrian Muslims and NOT THE YIDIZDI’S?!!!!!!! sheesh!
    When your life and your society are threatened…
    The WESTERN LEFTISTS just do not get this
    Of course they look on from their comfortable arm chairs (for now) and say…
    “Oh isn’t it horrible. They are such wonderful and bright people. Love begins with oneself and that will spread around the world.” = Try telling this to a Yizidi slave girl

    another classic is…
    You thinking fighting back is the answer and I don’t. I guess we shall just have to agree to disagree” =Try telling this to a Yizidi slave girl