Syrian refugees: Are Harper’s security concerns legitimate? Obama’s national security chief says yes

Have you noticed how many people and pundits get offended by the slightest suggestion that allowing Syrian refugees into Canada poses a security threat?

  • pdxnag

    Here’s my framing of the issue:

    “Either you favor ISIS or you don’t. Do you support the expansion of ISIS?”

  • Simple lesson from history:

    How did the terrorist Khadr family get into Canada? Prime Minister Jean Chretien PERSONALLY INTERVENED to get them into the country — he bypassed the normal immigration/refugee vetting process.

    The reason Chretien bypassed the vetting was because there was your typical Left-wing Canadian “outcry”, when Papa and Mama Khadr claimed they were PERSECUTED AID WORKERS. The claim turned out to be totally false — they were terrorists and working for Al Qaeda. And the rest is history. They even exploited their own teenage Canadian-born son — Omar — to fight for the terrorist Al Qaeda. A total of four male members of the family fought for the terrorist group.

    But then nobody has ever accused a Left-wing Canadian of reading a history book or a newspaper.

    • Cheryl

      You are 100% correct and if Canadians that have lived here for generations don’t take a stand now we are screwed. I have left my message with the PMs’ office voicing my opinion that he has my vote if he will stop immigration and refugees from coming to Canada now. The Khadr family is a prime example of what is wrong with this country taking in third world people and know one seems to care in our government. It is truly a shame for Canadians born and raised here and whose ancestors fought and died for this once great country that we have no say. You have to think when we are no longer a majority and this country is over populated, where do we apply for refugee status?

      • mobuyus

        I’ll do what refugees will not do I will fight for my Country.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          All these refugees are Keyser Soze.

    • mobuyus

      They don’t have to, they know in their heart of hearts what is good and just for society.

  • Alain

    I remain opposed to accepting any of them, and I am not alone.

    • mobuyus

      Me too.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Oh ya just what the world needs more war after 14+ years of lies?! We understand that Harper wanting the ISIS war is mostly for ideology rather than good policy. How can war fix what war created?! People have to understand Iraq caused a lot of the problems that we are facing today.

    Don’t forget that Al Qaeda was created by the US and them giving weapons when the Afghan war was on in the 80’s.

    ISIS started from the US and the Gulf States giving weapons to the FSA which became ISIS. The fact is the US only lives on fear.

    Harper campaigned against Canada in 2003 for the Iraq war, and the truth is Harper has only wanted war with this new Conservative party. Former Progressive Conservatives like myself understand that Canada has been great with Pearsonian foreign policy and building up alliances and having facts instead of wanting to have populism which this Conservative party is all about.

    Canada cannot play a huge role with just 6 aircrafts.

    I became a PC mainly due to prominent nationalists within the former Tory party, during the leadership campaign of 2003. It mainly had to do with David Orchard, a prominent and true nationalist that was trying to create and galvanize a genuine movement across Canada.

    It is a shame that people on here only feel war is the only thing that can stop this ISIS group which I feel is a backdoor into more war.

    • Minicapt

      ‘Regressive Conservative’; try to get your terms correct. And your use of “understand” is incorrect.