Saudi Gazette criticizes Canada’s response to “refugee” crisis.

Saudi has taken about Zero refugees, because they fear Muslim terrorism.

h/t Gisele

  • Ron MacDonald

    And what is Saudi Arabia doing to help the refugees?

    • John

      Building mosques in Germany…

      • Tom Quiggin

        Of note, it is an Islamic tradition that whoever pays for the construction of new mosque gets to name the first Imam. If the construction goes ahead, most of the new Imams will be hard core wahhabis who have been educated at the University of Medina. Trojan Horse anyone?

        • Alain


        • John

          Yes, they’ll all be headed by Wahhabi Imams. And Merkel doesn’t seem to even mind!

          To refer to this strategy as Trojan Horse is a bit misleading. At least Troy know the Greeks were sworn enemies. The Eu doesn’t appear to know just what the Saudis and other Gulf States are up to.

          Merkel seems to think they’re all friends and allies.

  • pike bishop

    Leave a comment: I better not.

  • TerryA

    Just another asshole named Mo. Fuck islam.

  • ontario john

    Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world that hasn’t taken one muslim refugee, hasn’t donated one dime for refugees in Europe, but is willing to donate two hundred mosques.

  • truthdareisay

    Have you guys seen this? Of course lying to them is like breathing so truly I cannot believe this story… what say you?

    • Xavier

      Molecules. 2.5 million Syrian molecules.

  • The center of the Islamic ass-hole is Saudi Arabia.

    Who gives a rats ass about what these brainwashed fools care.

    The entire country needs to be nuked.

    Aside from that – they are OK.

  • marty_p,7340,L-4700115,00.html

    Israel has done its part – by accepting 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands + from Ethiopia and is currently accepting all those Jews who are fleeing Europe due to persecution from the thousands of Mo’s that Europe is busy importing.

    • V10_Rob

      Ah yes, but they’re not the anointed victim classes/races, so their lives don’t count.

      • Alain

        Nor does Israel receive massive foreign aid and funding for accepting Jewish refugees, and of course there is no UN agency doing anything for them. This has always been so.

        • V10_Rob

          And yet they probably achieve better results. Funny, that.

  • We shouldn’t be taking the refugees until neighboring countries have at least taken their quota. Wars come and go, and relocating to neighboring countries allows an easy return to their homeland when the conflict is over. It’s sensible refugee policy. Europe and the West should only step in when all other options have been exhausted. It’s just stupid to displace people from a region where they are familiar with the culture to somewhere thousands of miles away where they have to learn a new language, go through culture shock, often followed by depression, family disruption, etc., unless absolutely necessary.

    Problem is the Saudis are racist as far as their treatment of non-Arab Muslims is concerned. Talk to Tarak Fatah. Especially Muslims from Africa are treated like chattel by Arabs, given only menial jobs, indentured labour (which is one step away from slavery), etc. The U.N. needs jump all over the Saudis and the Arabs and get them to live up to the U.N. Conventions, or kick the fat lazy oil-rich bastards out of the U.N.

    BTW, the Sauds are responsible for Canada’s oil sands recession — they’re dumping cheap oil on the market precisely to kill competition from places like Canada (probably the NDP gave them the idea!). Dumping is illegal in the West (Western countries take one another to International Court and successfully sue for dumping all the time). Unfortunately OPEC is a monopoly and plays by its own rules. Let’s “dump” all the refugees/terrorists on the OPEC countries to return them the favour!

  • pdxnag

    Wouldn’t the Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi army in Syria exterminate Assad and his non-Wahhabi clan? Why would anyone want to import these exterminators? They substitute the likes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood with Infidel Head Chopping exercises, with live humans for mere practice.

    Ho Ho Ho — Visions of Victimhood dance in their heads.

    “Nor has he [Stephen Harper] acknowledged that it is the policies of some Western countries that have rained death, destruction and ethnic cleansing on innocent Muslims and that some of the terrorist attacks are a response, however wrong [hint hint, but Islamically justified for the good on the Ummah], to such Western actions.”

    Would a rain of barrel-bombs on Riyadh end the reign of Wahhabi-terror on the world?

    “The only answer would be for the international community to set up a government in Syria that seeks to rebuild the country and to replace Daesh [ISIS/IS] with a regime that respects the human rights of its people.”

    A non-negotiable step toward that end — respect for human rights — would be the exclusion of all Sharia/Islamic law [and Islamic agitation] from the government.

  • Tom Quiggin

    The Saudis took in thousands of Syrians in 1982 following the violence there. Most of them were Muslim Brotherhood members/families/followers. It was popular in Saudi Arabia at the time as the government at the time say support for Islamacist causes as a good thing. Now, the current Saudi govt is a bit wiser and does not want to have an influx of violence hardened Islamist/Brotherhood folks entering their territory. The Saudis have learned that lesson.

    • Exactly. But they’ve gone to even more extremes to protect their own interests — they kicked Osama Bin Ladin out and took away his citizenship! How can you kick out a natural-born citizen (no matter how evil they happen to be) and leave them Stateless? It’s against International Law, the U.N. Conventions, et cetera. They should have dealt with him in their own country under their own laws.

      Instead the cowardly Saudis unleashed Bin Ladin on the world to wreak havoc, and the rest is history. Meanwhile, Canada is stuck with the likes of the Khadr family, who are not natural-born citizens — mid-east Muslim terrorists recruited by Bin Ladin. Because we are suckers. And how did the Khadrs get here? They pretended to be refugees!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    By now, we know that Saudi Arabia received a measure of divine justice yesterday When a severe storm springing up in the desert caused a construction crane to collapse in top of the roof of Mecca’s grand mosque on the 9/11 anniversary and killed more than 100 worshipers. The scumbags are now on notice that the real God is not pleased.

  • ismiselemeas

    Here’s a crazy plan. Establish a safe corner in the west and start to build fortified villages just like it used to be in the year 1200. Establish safe transport corridors between villages. Nobody gets in or out without a checkpoint stop. Connect or enlarge the safe villages as they grow. Build the houses out of prefab inter-connectable shipping containers so they can go high quickly. Build the village walls out of concrete reinforced car tyres and seal it tight so the vermin can’t get in. Make places that refugees want to go to. All the money Europe plans to spend could be used to build these new villages and towns, use the men to build, teach them trades, make it like the army corp of engineers. Pay them more than they’ll make in Europe. Make it attractive and safe for them to stay. Get Google to park a satellite overhead and beam in free wifi. Apart from the security aspect it’s all doable and cheaper than rehousing everyone in Europe with the inevitable price of civil war which will follow. Build something new instead of destroying something that’s already working.

    • Minicapt

      It would be cheaper and better for the economy to buy ammo and ‘engage’ them as they cross our frontiers. They can always choose to not invade.