Oh! Oh! Hillary Email Storage Company: The Emails Could Be Recovered

The Denver-based company that stored Hillary Clinton’s private email server said that the emails might still be recoverable, because there’s no evidence that the server was properly wiped clean.

h/t RM

  • Doug Kursk

    Wiped clean, with like what, a cloth? 😉

    Am reading about the 60 odd people who have died that have crossed paths with the Clintons

  • This must be embarrassing.

  • It is hard to imagine no trace of Hillary’s emails.

    Most legitimate IT pros have numerous backups.

    Plus, all senders to Hillary and all receivers of email from Hillary should have been backed up numerous times.

    The idea all of these emails are “gone” is absurd.

    • Xavier

      That is correct. The authorities seem willingly blind to that fact.

  • tom_billesley

    All hard disk drives of computers that I’ve scrapped, I’ve first removed, laid on the ground and hit a good few times with a pickaxe. Software wiping is for wimps.

    • Xavier

      Wipe ’em, smash ’em with a hammer, then throw ’em in the river.
      And even that’s not 100%.

  • David Murrell

    Not to worry. The corrupt Obama administration’s (In)justice department will cut a few deals, pay off a few people, and purposely ignore the Clinton felonies. Obama owes Clinton a few markers. Nobody cares.

  • Ed

    Hillary’s blue dress…

  • Ron MacDonald

    Something doesn’t seem right; the FBI was supposed to have its A-team investing Hillary’s e-mail server, they should have seized it at the outset of their investigation.

    • Xavier

      Anyone who is familiar with computer forensic procedures knows that the sooner the machine is secured and the OS shut down, the greater the chance of data recovery. It would appear that the A-Team isn’t prioritizing data recovery as part of their investigation. Given all the time and opportunity Hillary had to cover her tracks, it would be comical if her incompetence is what finally does her in.

      But I think she’s going to get away with it.
      Laws are for the little people.