Japanese Mayor Blames Solar Plant Project For Exacerbating Floods

The mayor of Bando has blamed a huge solar power plant project near the Kinugawa River for exacerbating the disastrous flooding in Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture, by shaving off the top of a natural sandbank that had effectively become part of its east bank.

The removal of the layer of sand lowered the height of the embankment, which is in the Wakamiyado district, Bando Mayor Eiichi Yoshihara indicated. Bando is situated next to Joso.

Yoshihara made the remark during a meeting Friday with the central government’s research group on the flooding disaster. He urged the government to give the voices of local residents greater consideration when giving the green light to construction projects.


If so, this and a delayed order to evacuate are disasters that I guaran-damn-tee you won’t be exploited by former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin.