Hungary faces ‘rebellion’ by migrants, says Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, has denounced the behaviour of migrants and promised to enforce the country’s tough new immigration laws, allowing the arrest of anyone found crossing the border illegally from next Tuesday.

He said Hungary faced a “rebellion” at the hands of new arrivals who have “failed to cooperate” and “seized” the country’s railway stations.

The governments of Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic have all joined Hungary in rejecting the European Commission’s plan for 23 member states in the Schengen area to accept quotas of refugees.

  • Glenfilthie

    Rubber bullets, attack dogs and billy clubs. Load them into cages if you have to, and ship them back. They are invaders.
    Yeah, I saw that drowned boy on the beach. Then I thought about Kahdr and other immigrant scum and felt much better about it. I have no sympathy for these people, they’ve ruined their own nations and they will do the same here.
    Torpedo them 20 miles off shore and they will stop coming

    • I entirely agree with this programme.

  • Ron MacDonald

    He should follow the lead of Arizona’s sheriff Joe Arpaio, house them in tents in the winter, make them wear pink underwear and serve pork at every meal.

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    Islamic theology is the root problem.

    Fix Islamic theology.

    The non-Muslim world needs to force a reformation on Islam.

    Bomb them with cartoons until they cry uncle.

    • Islam cannot be reformed. Attempts to reform it will just keep it going – there will always be “orthodox” Muslims trying to out-do their milder brethren. Islam must be made illegal world-wide, just like Nazism was. It is a doctrine rotten to the core.

  • DD_Austin

    Jordon kicked out it’s muslim refugees just before they tried to take over

    Lebaneon took the muslim refugees afterwards….
    After taking over the country the “refugees”
    turned the place into an absolute hellhole
    This is muslim gratitude, a knife in the back…..


  • ed

    on Monday the border shuts completely ,all welfare invaders will be on the serbian side .yes hungary means it ! wait and see

  • Doug Kursk

    If I was planning an invasion, I would seize transportation hubs and centres of command and communication as well…but of course, these are just migrants and so on and so forth, and not a military expeditionary unit.

    Ahh..who the hell am I kidding!