How the BBC Used a 3-Year-Old Video Of An Unmotivated Attack to Spread

Last Monday the BBC ran a sensationalist report about an apparently dangerous rising tide of Islamophobia in London over the past 12 months. The “balanced” take took all of its cues from far left groups with vested interests in inflating hate crime figures, and was built around a dramatic case from three years ago, which was found by a court not to be motivated by anti-Muslim hate of any form.

  • Petrilla

    BBC is held in ill repute by many Brits who have to pay for it. I pay for my satellite, not happily, but I do read how BBC people hate paying for their licence. I hate paying for CBC , .more than a BILLION a year,which I have to get on cable or satellite. I get everything all across Canada in every time zone, why do I need that? I want some of this here and there but the CRTC tells me what I need. Could someone enlighten me?

  • BBC needs to be dissolved – it is nothing but an extreme leftist, pro-Islam propaganda outlet – taxpayer funded.