Government creates emergency relief fund to aid Syrian crisis victims

International Development Minister Christian Paradis announced a Syrian emergency relief fund today that will match donations from Canadians up to $100 million.

The fund will assist conflict-affected people in Syria and neighbouring countries. Paradis told reporters the fund will be used to provide basic needs such as food, clothing and healthcare.

He said the government will match funds donated to registered Canadian charities, adding that this is “an opportunity to put a vehicle where Canadians will be able to channel their generosity.”

  • BillyHW

    Fuck the government.

  • Alain

    The chattering class is donating how much? Dimes to doughnuts zero. I have no problem with this provided we accept no refugees here.

    • Canadian

      I`ll accept that. Give them my money, and keep them out of here.
      Unfortunately, we`ll pay up, and be invaded just the same.

  • Ho Hum

    I just knew Harper would cave in to the left-wing pressure. I suppose next he will announce he is planning a military airlift to bring “refugees” to Canada faster. Just pathetic! Harper is a gutless wimp.

    • Alain

      I do so hope you are mistaken, but I am not betting the farm on it.

    • ellake

      why? I think it is good idea. He is saying that the money would be spent in refugee camps so then these people will not go further. They will have all the necessities in the refugee camps so they will have no excuse to try to get refugee status in Canada. Also it is much cheaper to give money for food and clothes in the Middle East then to invite them to immigrate to Canada.

      • Ho Hum

        Harper is also planning announcing new measures for “expediting” the flow of “refugees” to Canada. As for this pledge of up to $100 Million in food aid this is in addition to the hundreds of millions we have already given them. I think we have done enough for these people. From what I see from the invaders arriving in Europe they are all well dressed and have expensive clothes. These are not poor people.

        From the CBC

        “The Conservatives, after continued criticism they are not doing enough to address the Syrian refugee crisis, are expected to announce within days some new ways Canada could help.

        At a campaign stop in P.E.I., Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said he wasn’t in a position to announce specific measures Thursday, but his government was “going to take some concrete steps to expedite the process” of resettling Syrian refugee families to Canada.

        Campaign officials told CBC News new measures to speed up the process of bringing in Syrian refugees would be unveiled soon.

        • That weasel…

        • ellake

          Sorry, I don’t believe CBC. I will have to wait for other media to confirm it.
          As for Europe, yes, you are right. Some of them are poor, some of the are not, but all of them want to pick and choose the country they are going to. They are not refugees but illegal immigrants (migrants)

          • Minicapt

            … “economic migrants”.


  • Will these funds replace the valuable artefacts ISIS destroyed or get help Yazidi rape victims desperately need? Do people who can afford to pay traffickers really need our help?

    • Martin B

      If Harper had the courage and sense to direct these funds specifically to those purposes and to remind everyone clearly and often that Aylan Kurdi’s father is a people smuggling bastard and not a victim, Canadians would support him and his polls would go up.

      • Only smart people would see that. Look around. It’s disheartening to see how many people want to bring in so-called refugees without any thought to the discord that they will bring with them.

  • Ho Hum

    This is an interesting article from the SUN

    In polling done after the Alan Kurdi story broke support for Harper actually went UP and support for NDP and Liberals went DOWN. I suspect the reason is most Canadians strongly oppose the NDP and Liberals plan to bring more “refugees” here and faster.

    Too bad that Harper didn’t have the courage of his convictions. Instead of sticking to his guns he caved in and is going to announce measures to speed up the flow of “refugees” to Canada and to further pacify the left-wing he threw another $100 Million’s at the “refugee” camps in Syria.

  • Everyone Else
  • Chris

    Christian Paradise funds Muslim terrorists. Am I reading that correctly? Time for scotch

  • P_F

    I am not going to donate a single dime for these suckers, mohammedan parasites.
    For the last 60 or so years developed western nations have sent several trillion dollars in aid to these mohammedan & african countries, nothing has changed in those countries so far. They are still as poor as they were & keep on begging for more money & aid. This proves that aid, of any kind, will never work to alleviate their financial or other problems. It’s in their nature, a part of their culture/religion/civilization to prey on vulnerable societies. (Compare this situation to Japan & Germany which were completely destroyed after WW2, just a little financial help by Allied nations & they were back on their feet in a decade).
    We all must write a strong letter to Mr. Harper expressing our displeasure on his decision to send such huge amount to mohammedans which has every chance of getting siphoned & used against us.