Chretien Claims Harper Has “Shamed” Canada

Shut your caviar-hole, Mr. Ad-Scam/Ahmed Khadr/let Zahra Kazemi’s Murderers Get Away With It:

In an open letter published Saturday morning in several newspapers, former prime minister Jean Chrétien says he is ashamed of Stephen Harper.

Chretien wrote in the Globe and Mail, La Presse and Le Devoir that Harper’s reaction to the refugee crises in Syria and Iraq have helped to cast Canada as a “cold-hearted” nation in the international community, and that he has “shamed Canada.”

“In my travels around the globe, I am regularly asked: What has happened to Canada? What has happened to the advanced, peace-seeking, progressive country Canada once was? What has happened to the country that was a model for peace and stability in a tumultuous world? These questions evoke great sadness in me,” Chrétien wrote.

If this piece of crap thinks that drivel will sink Harper and save the Fils, he once again under-estimates the electorate that doesn’t vote on hair alone.