Bioethicist declines offer to “just follow orders” on euthanasia advisory panel

Catholic bioethicist takes strong stand when asked to help Ontario implement euthanasia

TORONTO, September 10, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – If anyone should know where to draw the ethical line in the sand it is an ethicist, and Moira McQueen, executive director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and professor of moral theology at St. Michael’s College in Toronto, did not disappoint.

Selected by the Ontario government for an interprovincial panel to advise on safeguards for the upcoming legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, McQueen turned the job down flat, though some might say she could have provided a Catholic counterweight to some ardent euthanasia activists also picked for the panel.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Does that title of “ethicist” even have a meaning anymore?
    They pretend it has meaning in that it’s the rubber stamp of goodness that makes the evil act seem sane and even beneficial, but it is still a whitewash, a fraud and a lie.
    Remember, there was at least one “ethicist” in Australia recently that said the murder of a child by its own parent writhin the first year of life was “ethical”.
    We all know it’s not, it’s murder, but the machinery of polite society demands we obtain these rubber stamps so the most unethical things possible now have sanction.

    McQueen was perfectly correct in turning such an offer down flat.

  • WalterBannon

    euthanasia should be mandatory, for all liberal politicians

  • k

    I am completely against this!
    IF you want to end YOUR life
    end it YOUR self
    When you ALLOW
    OTHERS to do it for you
    you’ve handed YOUR life over to OTHERS to dispense with YOUR life
    OTHERS can have ulterior motives for getting rid of you such as…
    Hospital Budgets
    Government Budgets
    then of course there is Organized crime
    (comprised of such wolves in sheep’s clothing like Doctors, Priests, Lawyers etc)
    Doctors already do a certain amount of this any way
    …you know… just let the old dear slip away ….

  • Waffle

    Good for Moira McQueen. Wynne is just looking for justification for her starving of the health care system. I’ve been saying for years, that for this government (McGuinty/Wynne), death is the cheaper option. There is little money for front-line nursing care (and soon to be even less) because of layer upon layer of non-productive bureaucracy and the shifting of priorities Those with chronic conditions and/or terminal illnesses go to the bottom of the heap and in the Wynne universe are considered a drain on the system.

    Perhaps McQueen’s principled stance will give others the courage to do so.