“A liar and a blamer”: Kurdi’s father accused of being a human trafficker — but will Media Party investigate?

Aylan and his father’s REAL story: Abdullah Kurdi forced to deny being a smuggler after new questions emerge from picture that shook the world

  • Everyone Else
    • Gary

      70% of the 40,000,000 muslims in Europe are reported to be on welfare.
      There’s no shame for those parasite because to them it is the Jizya head-tax on Infidels but our dolts at City Hall in Toronto and the lesbo Premier on Ontario are too stupid to know it and love to cry racism when the fact come out .
      hell, we still have some 1990’s Somali’s on welfare while some of their mosques are pumping out jihadists and drug gang thugs shooting each other on our streets .

  • Exile1981

    No welfare for refugees for the 1st 20 years. You would see muslim immigration drop by 99%; and you would know the remaining 1% where the ones planning terror attacks.

  • Petrilla

    This is about the father of the dead child that caused EVERY MEDIA type and EVERY POLITICIAN to fall for the lie of the little boy washed up on the beach. Everything about the story did not ring true to me, yes of course I felt bad. But having followed the “invasion” of migrants by the thousands and tens of thousands, it did not pass the sniff test. Why, one morning did every and I mean EVERY news agency carry the same picture and the same story? To make we in the west feel guilty, including Trudeau and Mulcair blaming Canada!!! Why? I expect an apology from the aforementioned. His sister never even applied to Canada. The poor child’s body was moved several times to get the best photo Ops which is why to my own disgust ion,I will still call it dead child porn. An Iraqi mother on the boat who lost two daughters, claims the father was the captain , stoned and crazy, who took her thousands of dollars. Didn’t you wonder why after giving interviews about needing new teeth, being supported for years by the Canadian woman, he hightailed it back to Syria to bury his wife and TWO sons. Was the second son not cute enough or dead enough for this modern press. Hey media, did you even care enough to name his wife or his other little son? Or the two daughters of the Iraqi woman who died? No wonder the media is in ill repute. Shall we see an apology that the media got it wrong again? Shall we think they will pursue it even if an iragui woman on board lost her two daughters, says the father of the dead boy WAS stoned And HE was the people smuggler? Media, do you not think it is time to do your job? In this case you didn’t did you? In the case of the extremely LAZY, ENTITLED media, you accused Harper and the Conservatives, because you hate them. Mulcair and Trudeau could say anything and Canadian media would not say a word. This story has been in the news for 2 days, nary a word on Canadian media which lives to see Harper’s downfall. In 1710 AD, Jonathan Swift wrote in the Examiner: Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it. Chruchill said A lie is halfway around the world before truth has its boots on. Too bad we have to rely on prescient figures from 100_300 years to find Truth in journalism. Will we be seeing any correction or apologies? Will we be seeing from the Lib and NDP camps, we jumped the gun. Sorry, it looks like this was all stage. Of course we won’t, their campaigns DEPEND on untruth. Which is why in the USA Donald Trump is wildly popular. Voters are sick of the same story, year after year. I know I am.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I can edit that for you.
    A liar and a blamer should read muslim.

  • Shebel

    I remember that Kuwaiti news about the killing of babies and old people in hospitals.
    Was it true or not?