Welfare trapping Europeans in poverty

Back in 2013, my colleagues at the Cato Institute, Michael Tanner and Charles Hughes, released a study looking at the value of welfare programs in various states.

The most shocking finding was that the overall package of welfare benefits was greater than the median salary in eight states. And more than 80 percent of the median salary in half the states.

That sounds like a hammock, not a safety net. No wonder taxpayers feel like they’re getting ripped off. This system has been bad for taxpayers and bad for poor people.

  • ThomasB

    It’s essentially the Soviet model, isn’t it? The government provides its citizens with everything, and in return, they give up their freedom and live poorly but more or less securely. There is no incentive to work hard (or work at all) since doing so provides no chance of improving one’s fortunes. Gotta love socialism….