Steyn: Fourteen Years On

“…George W Bush had a rare opportunity after September 11th. He could have attempted to reverse the most poisonous tide in the western world: the gloopy multiculturalism that insists all cultures are equally valid, even as they’re trying to kill us. He could have argued that western self-loathing is a psychosis we can no longer afford. He could have told the teachers’ unions that there was more to the Second World War than the internment of Japanese-Americans and it’s time they started teaching it to our children.”

  • DMB

    George W. Bush and the Bush family were appeasers of the Saudi Royal family and had long business ties with them so there is no way he would have attempted to reverse this poisonous tide.

    • Pity.

      • Gary

        The saudi Great escape is a myth if you read my post from above.

        But a big lie is too juicey for some to research when embracing it makes you part of the alleged enlightened Progressives.

        The other myth is that stories of Secret planes landing in Gander which was part of the Rendition claims that canada was part of during Maher Arar’s extortion lawsuit for $400 million for torture that was NEVER proven.

        The inquiry is often used by the guilty to avoid a real trial in a Courtroom when perjury can get you time in jail. CAIR coached Maher to lie and then they supplied witnesses for the inquiry to lie about islamophobia and how torture is the norm in islamic nations .
        The millions$$$$ spent on the Inquiry and paying off a liar and malcontent was the cheap way out instead of a 6-7 years Court case where the Government rep said we could have won but the taxpayers will lose for the costs.
        There’s also the propaganda value for CAIR to incite more muslims to jihad by Arar being exposed as a liar but it was that big bad Harper that pick on that poor Syrian refugee with two kids because of islamophobia and anti-muslim bigotry .

        Arar took the $10.2 million and laugh all the way to the Mosque , CAIR got a nice donation from the Arar’s while the UofOttawa got some money too since they supplied witnesses for CAIR by the same Arab that alleged we torture taliban POW’s .

        How injured would your neighbour have been for falling on your property and asking for $400.00 and then just prior to a court case they settle for $10.20 ?????

    • Alain

      That is also why the Saudis were allowed to fly home immediately following 9/11 when all other planes were grounded.

      • Gary

        OMG, you bought Michael Moore’s big lie.

        Chreitien ahd also used the RCMP unmarked SUV’s to get them out of Ottawa after 9/11/01, does that make the Liberal’s complicit in it.

        Besides , do your research and stop using WiKipedia for your perception of reality. YES, al commercials flights were grounded that week.
        What Moore didn’t tell you was that Chartered Flights on the East Coast had permission to fly East across the Atlantic with a warning that any deviation from the flight path would result in being shot down .
        There were about 110 people on that Chartered flight and not just the saudi’s , buy hey……since when did Moore cater to the upper IQ strata in society when there is a vast quarry of followers that are mentally lazy and think that his Mocumentary/Comedy is factual or a Documentary .

        Moore is now a filthy rich and the same people he mocks in his movies or on TV. He now has a tall fence around his mansion to keep out people like him that now have to drive around in an Ice Cream truck and hurl insults from the PA system .

        Karma’s a real bitch.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    And now we get Jeb Bush.

  • simus1

    Notice that Guughoul also seems to have “forgotten” to mark the event.

    • Very true.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Their saving their creative energies for the 50th anniversary of Tetris.
      I swear, for the good of humanity, Google must be driven from the face of this Earth.

      • FactsWillOut

        Also Bing has no trackers, whereas google has at least 4.