Scenes from 9/11/01

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    The demons are always pretending to be good angels , behind close doors they express all the hate they can .

  • k1992


  • I also celebrated a little bit that morning too. But for different reasons. Some low-life had falsely accused me a number of years earlier of “planning a terrorist attack” when I was an aid worker in Latin America. After I returned to Canada I was put under surveillance and it seriously messed up my life. This occurred under the Liberal government at the time — it fit perfectly with their Left-wing narrative that “anti-communist activists are terrorists”. The surveillance ceased after Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were elected.

    Anyway, the reason I celebrated that morning is because I thought to myself: “Maybe Canadians will now realize the difference between a real act of terrorism, and someone who was simply speaking out against a Communist dictator in Latin America”.

  • And the UN wants to display the “Palestinian” flag in New York. Truly, the Arabs/Muslims have won the day. 9/11/01 was a resounding victory for them. Just 19 terrorists managed to bring down the will of the free West. This structure has taken a decade or two to collapse, but the collapse started then. Because the West’s moral foundations were already corrupted to the core. Most of its journalists, academics, politicians, etc. were completely lost already. So when the attack took place they switched sides and became pro-immigration, pro-Islam, etc. I pity those who will live under Muslim dominion – they will understand the meaning of the word evil then.

    • And so much 9/11 “fallout” as well. The strain on Western economies the ensuing wars on terror have cost, all the soldiers who have lost their lives or returned maimed from roadside bombs (thanks to “child soldiers” like Omar Khadr who was constructing these bombs), all the repressive security measures that the general public has been subjected to, changing our laissez-faire Western lifestyle forever. Et cetera.

      • Yes we have lost a lot of our freedom: of speech, of movement, etc. And the public purse has been heavily taxed.

    • DMB

      The left has made a pact with Islamist’s and have thrown Jews and Israel under the bus. For example there is a direct correlation between governments and nations that have recognized an independent Palestinian State and a large influx of Islamic terrorist in their nation due to the fact that they have essentially told Islamist from around the world they are welcome into their nation only to eventually destroy it i.e. Sweden, Britain. When a country is pro Israel they recognize the potential threat that Islamic terrorism will bring and it is far more likely to take measures to prevent it from occurring in that country. God forbid that Justin Trudeau or even Thomas Mulcair become Prime Minister of Canada because if they do they will eagerly recognize a Palestinian State and reinstate relations with Iran while giving Israel the cold shoulder at the determinant to Canadian security.

      • I agree. There is a direct correlation between the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel stance, and the pro-Islam, pro-immigration stance. This applies not only to governments, but also to media, to academia, to individuals. In fact, I believe that the former stance, which is rooted in anti-Semitism, is the cause of the latter. In order to hide their anti-Semitism, its proponents pretend to be not only pro-Palestinian but more largely pro-Arab and pro-Muslim. Through this forced consistency, they cause the destruction of their own countries.

  • Clink9

    They all look like friends of Justin Turdeau.

    • WalterBannon

      they are

  • truthdareisay

    How soon the world and yeah, America forgot this….

  • ontario john

    Maybe they can show that film clip at the new museum of muslim propaganda in Toronto that the vote whores keep promoting. And The Star is remembering 9/11 today with a great of review of Michael Moore’s new film at TIFF. According to the Star the downtown Socialist crowd stood and applauded, at his new film making fun of America, and how great Europe is.

    • lolwut?
    • WalterBannon

      the entire film community is corrupt and they peddle filth and propaganda

      they have long ceased to be entertainers and I have little respect for their “art”

      as for The Star – they are a treasonous bunch of communists who should all be hanged

  • WalterBannon

    The WTC was a modern day wonder of the world, an engineering and architectural marvel. The muslims destroyed it.

    The muslims are always destroying something. That is all that they do.

    This planet would be far better off if all the muslims were wiped from existence for all time.

  • Chatillon

    — At 0:43, the commentator asks “What are we to make of that, Jennifer?”

    What a stupid, stupid question. Their jubilation can only mean that they are happy at the attack, for the death and damage it caused and that they identify with the attackers.

    The connection between the attackers and the jubilant Palestinians has NEVER been enunciated by any Western government. That is the lingering crime of 9/11. An act of war, fomented by a clear doctrine, has been camouflaged by our own leaders, starting with George W. Bush who mere days later called Islam “The religion of peace.” Unbelievably, the situation has only become worse under the watch of Barack Hussein Obama.

    The reaction to 9/11, if 9/11 had to happen at all and I’m not sure it did, should have been quick and decisive. First, all Saudi nationals in the US should have been detained as material witnesses, instead of being allowed to escape as the ONLY civilian flights in the aftermath of the attacks. The official Congressional committee reports disavows such flights, but this contradicts the confirmed reports from that time. The fact that Saudis were not detained when s many of the attackers were Saudi nationals suggests collusion on the part of the Bush administration by interfering with FBI procedure.

    Secondly, the operation in Afghanistan should have directed to the capture or elimination of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants. Full stop. End of story. Instead, by depending on our allies in the Tora Bora mountains, bin Laden was allowed to escape. How much more effective to have had him dressed in prison orange and shown before the world as the criminal he was.

    Thirdly, the invasion of Iraq was a tremendous waste of treasure and manpower. Saddam Hussein was the lid on a garbage can and useful in that capacity. Our idiocy in nation building there, as in Afghanistan, was based upon the criminally naive notion that Islamically-infused societies can be democratized without addressing the issue of Islam itself.

    Fourthly, the refusal of the EU and other Western nations to recognize the pathology that is Islam has led to the continuing slide of Western culture, resulting from the fear that to name an evil is to be “racist” or otherwise unreasonable and unkind. The leftist supporters of Islam are all-too-frequently ferocious in defense of an ideology that will, upon its ascent to power, be quick to suppress them. I myself have been subject to such ferocious displays from members of my own family.

    We have been sold out and if we are to survive, we must each of us take up the task of speaking out, even at the risk of attack from those who hate us by way of their religion or simply think they know better than us by way of their politically correct ideology.

    The bad news is that nowadays simply stating the obvious is a risky proposition. The good news is that consequently it has never been so clear as to what action is needed to be a hero.

    Time to be heroes my friends. Speak up! Loud, long and clear!

  • kkruger71

    That’s one of the reasons I am glad for the internet. Those videos might be mostly forgotten, and unseen by many younger people, but at least they still exist and can be found. Had 9/11 been even a decade earlier that footage would have likely all but been erased from history.