Refugee crisis: treating Hungary as a Heart of Darkness

The tragic refugee crisis engulfing the world has been seized upon by culture warriors as an opportunity to moralise against and discredit various targets of their opprobrium. The tendency to dehumanise migrants has been widely noted in the media. But what is rarely questioned is the way the refugee issue is being used as an opportunity to demean the moral status of others too, especially Eastern Europeans, and Hungarians in particular.

  • Martin B

    “The tendency to dehumanize migrants has been widely noted in the media”

    The media’s tendency to sanctify these Mohammedan invaders has been widely noted in the real world.

  • Rosenmops

    That Hungarian camera woman should be given a medal for trying to defend her country against invaders.

  • ed

    the border with Serbia shuts in 2 days , anybody wanting to enter will have to be documented , if not ” f*ck off “

  • moraywatson

    What I notice about muslim migrant invaders is how well their islamic indoctrination has prepared them for their mission. They are all versed in the same playbook – the quran, so they all share the same supremacist mindset; for “refugees” they could not be less tolerant, more belligerent, or more entitled.

    The regimen of 5 daily “prayers” provides structure. The annual practice of ramadan, gives them experience in going without food and water for extended periods. It was not lost on me how they indignantly rebuffed infidel rations of food and water in videos last week, literally kicking such otherwise needed sustenance to the curb. (No doubt replenishing themselves after sun down.)

  • ontario john

    Toronto Star announcing good news on this anniversary of 9/11. The judge has eased Omar’s restrictions so he can attend his mosque early in the mornings.

  • Jade

    This battel between factions in Islam has been going on for over 1,400 years and they want to blame a country that did not exist when it started