No kidding…

Fears terrorists and economic migrants could be obtaining Syrian passports with few checks in their bid to reach Europe as 10,000 are handed out at embassy in Jordan in just one month

  • The photo posted here shows the face of the enemy – it is these arrogant Muslim “youths” who will be soon roaming the streets of Europe and all the Western countries, and beating up people and raping young girls and, finally, cutting heads off. This is the gift that Merkel, Juncker, Obama, Mulcair and all their ilk are preparing for us. This is utter evil.

    • WalterBannon

      Merkel, Juncker, Obama, Mulcair and all their ilk should be hanged for treason

  • I highly recommend to all to read about this man: Richard Coudenhove Kalergi – he was apparently a moving force in the development of the idea of a multi-ethnic Europe – i.e. the importation of great masses of people from the third world. He has influenced both Merkel and Juncker, for instances.,ssl&ei=oOPyVcjtGYm2aZzXkpAK

  • This mass invasion (immigration) into Europe may well be the wake-up call Europe needs.

    Now if they can find some way to actively push back the invaders.

    • WalterBannon

      it is too late

      europe is dead

      soon enough the lights will go out

      • You may be correct.

        But I am an optimist.

        A Euro/Islam civil war may do the trick.