Mohammed’s Cuckoos

The cuckoo is one of the more interesting migrants in the animal kingdom. It spends part of the year in sunny Africa, but nests and breeds in Europe. Cuckoos appropriate the nests of other birds to lay eggs. The lark or dove in turn does not recognize the egg threat and even feeds the cuckoo chicks after they hatch. Eventually, the larger aggressive cuckoo chicks either evict or kill any host offspring.

Brood parasitism features several related behaviors; egg mimicry, egg or chick evictions, or once the cuckoo chick is established, nest fratricide. Still, no cuckoo ever becomes a chickadee.

  • John

    Yeah, interesting bird. One correction. The cuckoo chick always hatches first and its the back between shoulders has horizontal ridges ( that later disappear) that are used to push the as yet unhatched eggs of the host over the edge of the nest and down onto the ground.
    By the way, Cuckoo chicks, as opposed to most other bird species, are butt ugly…even repulsive.

  • Excellent metaphor.

    • I meant analogy. Oh well, I guess I missed the point: Mohammedism sucks!

  • Waffle

    Hope Harper stands firm.

  • Everyone Else

    Islam is an invasive species.