Last Known 9/11 Rescue Dog Gets a Birthday Party

A little light news right now:

Bretagne, the last known living search and rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero has been rewarded with a dream ‘Sweet 16’ birthday.

The deserving pooch enjoyed a limousine ride, playtime at a river park and a special party during her day out in New York City. 

The Bark Post and 1Hotels gave the golden retriever and her handler and owner Denise Corliss a day to remember, 14 years after their vital first deployment.

As members of Texas Task Force 1, Bretagne and Denise joined nearly 100 other search and rescue dogs to find and save people trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11.

“We were there to try to find survivors and when our task force arrived in Ground Zero, I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of it,” Denise told the publication in a moving video. “But then I looked down at [Bretagne] and she was ready to work.”

God bless her furry heart!

  • Happy B-Day Pooch!

  • Justin St.Denis

    Gotta love and respect genuine heroes, regardless of what species they belong to.

    Bretagne, thank you and a big fat Happy Birthday to you, doll face!

    • Exile1981

      I hope she got a chew toy and something nice to eat.

  • She certainly deserves to be feted.

  • Shebel

    A beautiful,good ole doggie. If I had a hat on– I would take it off right about now.
    Woof ! Woof !

  • mobuyus

    Put a couple of these steadfast buddies on all flights to suss out the vermin. If my Dog didn’t like someone I found that I didn’t like them either.

    • Surele Surele

      dogs are good that way.

    • Xavier

      I bet you could train a pig to do that too.
      Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  • Rosenmops

    Nice to see some good news!

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Enough photos already, let the bitch have her cake. 😉

  • Hard Little Machine

    As someone volunteers to triage ex military service dogs into therapy dog dog programs, there’s no dry eyes here.

  • dukestreet

    Happy 16th Bretagne. You are a wonderful dog doing a terrific job. You deserve everything today. So great to see you still going. Hope you get all your favourite things today. We’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever.