Fortress Europe Under Threat

We apologize in advance for the depressing tone of what we have written here. Of course the migrant crisis that Europe is currently facing is anything but cheerful – for those who understandably are desperate to come in and for the Europeans who are contemplating the likely consequences of this.

But the lack of leadership to tackle this clear and present danger to Europe’s future is truly concerning. Both the migrants and the Europeans might be worse off as a result.

While the armed conflicts in the Middle East get all of the press coverage, we have written about how the dearth of water there is affecting millions of people and might cause one of the greatest humanitarian disasters the world has ever seen – irrespective of who prevails in those conflicts. That reality will not go away.

And we are already getting a preview. This year Germany alone might get an influx of 800,000 migrants, about 1% of its population.

  • It’s like Europe wants to lose money and land over this.

  • Nic

    Looks like there will be a Europe scale Lebanon 1975, I know should feel bad and all that.
    But quite honestly… F*CK YOU EUROPE!

    -From Israel.

  • The situation reminds me of the Weimar Republic with its impotent government and complete collapse of the values, which eventually brought Hitler to power. There is an interesting book, which covers that period: “Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin” by Mel Gordon. It describes in detail the debauchery that reigned in the city (and the author is sympathetic to it, seeing it as an expression of freedom). Every type of sex perversion was represented in Berlin, with ubiquitous homosexual and tranny bars (many Nazis were customers). There were all kinds of prostitutes – regular, pregnant, amputees, mother-daughter teams, even the child prostitution was perfectly acceptable. It is quite a shocking read; I guess the late Roman Empire was not that different. Hitler shut down all of that after the Olympics in 1936 (until then he kept many of those establishments as tourist entertainment).

    The way things are spiraling down in the West, with perversion and the Muslim invasion, I am afraid that a figure similar to Hitler will emerge at the time when the collapse of the West affects enough people.

    • Exile1981

      Actually i have wondered several times if merkel is planning on using the crisis of muslims running amuck to make herself fureir.

      • Surele Surele

        die Führerin

  • Surele Surele

    What fortress? What Europe?

  • Xavier

    Probably the most insightful page on Moslems on the internets. A few years old though so you’ll have to make some percentage adjustments.

  • Xavier

    Save your money folks: don’t buy maps of Europe.

    • Gun Noroses

      Buy GUNS!

  • Ottawa Eyes

    So what’s the big deal? Canada has been letting in about 1% of its population in terms of immigrants and refugees every year since Brian Mulroney tripled the levels 30 years ago.

    And think about the cultural vibrancy it has brought in great places like Little Mogadishu in Toronto’s Dixon Road and Islington area, or the great relationship in Surrey BC between the Sikh and Somali communities. Just don’t go after into either of those areas after dark particularly if you are too pale and don’t have a kevlar vest.