Bay of Quinte Conservative Director Turfed Over Disparaging Posts

Bay of Quinte Conservative director Sue MacDonell has been turfed from the local riding association board over disparaging online remarks made about Liberals, Muslim refugees, First Nations people and African Americans.

In one Facebook post MacDonell described “Indians” as “self-loathing.”

“Indians loath us and have no self respect,” she wrote in one 2013 post.

“That’s right, throw some more money at the Indians because it’s worked so well up until now, right?” her page states.

 In another post showing a Muslim woman wearing a hiijab, MacDonell calls it “slave gear.” In her assessment of Muslim refugees, she stated in a Aug. 18 post, “nothing says strengthening Canada like inviting in illiterate unskilled, primitive refugees with all their children and emotional baggage …”