At least four European nations reject proposed migrant plan

At least four countries Friday firmly rejected a European Union plan to impose refugee quotas to ease a worsening migrant crisis that Germany’s foreign minister said was “probably the biggest challenge” in the history of the 28-nation bloc.

Hungary, which along with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland said it would not support the proposal, threatened instead to crack down on the thousands of people streaming across its borders daily as they flee war and persecution.

  • Martin B

    Only 1 out of 7 EU nations have sane leadership. This doesn’t bode well.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘While the Czechs, Slovaks and Poles have been relatively unaffected by the influx, Hungary has faced growing criticism about its stance toward the asylum seekers.’

    Hungary is expected to just roll out the red carpet for a mass of people who they didn’t invite and who don’t want to be there, and are just passing through.

    WTF happened to personal responsibility?
    Hungary doesn’t owe those people a damn thing.

    Hopefully this is the biggest challenge in the European Union’s history, and will lead to doing away with the E.U., returning autonomy and self-determination to 28 countries that sorely need it.

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    • ellake

      Relatively is a key word.
      For example, in Poland there are tens of thousands migrants from Ukraine, Last year Polish government received 65 thousands applications for temporary residence permit, and the majority of the people applying for temporary and permanent residence were Ukrainians, Hungary already accepted thousands of people from Syria, but they were Christians, so again according to EU it does not matter.
      For Merkel only migrants matter.

      • simus1

        When push comes to shove, Merkel seems to be just another spineless eurofool.

        • ellake

          It depends, if Merkel’s aim is to destroy the borders and the European nations (that is, if she wants to make one big nation) then her actions may be deliberate.
          It is terrible, majority of these migrants are young, very fit, and used to violence. It also looks as if the number of migrants will increase. In Poland some people are terrified because in near future some of the migrants will try to go to Germany through Poland and we are completely unprepared. The estimates are that in one day around 50 to 60 thousands would try to go through the border. Police is unprepared and I am afraid that Polish government will NOT use the army.

    • Ron MacDonald

      Hungary dumped its Gypsies on us.

      • Alain

        True but don’t blame Hungary, blame us for being fool enough to take them.

      • ellake

        Hungary? Don’t you mean Romania?

    • lolwut?

      What it needs to lead to is the sane people to rise up and storm the palace gates and string people like Merkel up.

      The USA has the Second Amendment for situations just like this.

      German intelligence is going to a little busy for awhile, so groups
      willing to overthrow the corrupt government will have quite a lot
      of breathing room to organize, recruit and arm themselves.

  • Ed

    They’re fleeing zero welfare, for lots of welfare.

    • Alain

      You win 1st prize.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Winter is coming, keep them living in tents and they’ll quickly get discouraged and migrate southward.

  • Maggat

    “as they flee war and persecution.” Good Christ give me a break, they are BRINGING war and persecution.

  • pike bishop

    I really feel for the eastern Euros (as much as I can). Barely out from under the soviet jack boot only to be back under the PC / Muslim invasion.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I have been saying this would happen for months now. Eastern European nations have far better memories than their western counterparts.