Amna Farooqi, Muslim head of Israel-advocacy group J Street, says she is “culturally Jewish.”

The campus arm of J Street, the liberal group that describes itself as “pro-Israel, pro-peace,” and that positions itself as a leftist Zionist alternative to the more conservative AIPAC, has “decisively” elected a new president, Amna Farooqi. She’s a 21-year-old Pakistani-American, and a Muslim. When Farooqi addressed J Street’s national convention in Washington last spring, Farooqi described herself not only as a Muslim, but also as “culturally Jewish.”

…A columnist for the Jerusalem Post, for example, was delighted, writing that Farooqi’s election “is a fascinating bridge that has been crossed,” and that it “is a good lesson for Israel” in diversity and multiculturalism. A more suspicious observer argued that Farooqi’s claims are a sham, and that she has “decided to work through Jewish groups which have more ‘agency’ [than Farooqi believes Muslim groups have] and more power to push her anti-Israel agenda.”

Among the places where Israel has been critiqued is Farooqi’s own Twitter account. Her tweets and retweets include, “Wonder how many American Jews hear of the horror inflicted on Gaza this summer?” and “Wonder what Bibi would say if Palestinians applied his Iran logic to their situation?” According to one critic, “She also implied support for Palestinian terrorism when she tweeted, ‘Every movement exercises a range of acts of resistance.'” Among her more frequently cited tweets, at least among her critics, is one where Farooqi reportedly called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “douchebag.”

But she does like Philip Roth. So.                                                                  h/t