Abdullah Kurdi Worked With a Human Smuggler, Says Survivor

Oh, dear. This is inconvenient to the narrative:

An Iraqi woman who was on the same boat as Alan Kurdi, the boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach last week, says his father was in charge of the boat that capsized, drowning many of the migrants on board.

The woman, Zainab Abbas, lost two of her own children on the fateful crossing, and is now back in Iraq. She told Channel Ten news in Australia in an interview that Abdullah Kurdi was driving the boat. She also accused him of being part of a ring of smugglers who help refugees make their way to Europe.

“He was a smuggler, yes. He was the one that was driving the boat,” the woman told the channel through a translator, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Abdullah Kurdi lost both his sons and his wife on the crossing and has repeatedly said he only took over steering the boat when the captain abandoned ship in rough waters.

  • He’s a liar who killed his family.

    • BillyHW

      Islam teaches that it’s okay to lie.

    • ontario john

      I heard a rumour that the NDP’s Director of Communication has issued a statement saying “Its the Catholic Churches fault, fuck the Pope”

  • Martin B

    So his toddler and all those other people drowned because of his evil greed.

    Our media will just carry on blaming Harper.

  • ontario john

    Just read breaking news from the Toronto Star. World War Two was Canada’s fault.

  • Shebel

    Only in Islam can you become a hero -by killing your wife and children and a few others.
    I wonder where he is going to get those Free teeth now ?
    Maybe CNN will pay him for an interview or the Libs—-
    Everybody knows that this is Harper’s Fault—especially if you are dumb enough to vote for Justin or the NDP.

    • ntt1

      he wanted to get to germany with its socialized dental care, this is a prime reason he left safe turkey with his family and ended up killing them all.

    • Surele Surele

      Why there was no outcry when people from Sudan and Congo where displaced
      after the Islamists massacred 5 million of them and displaced hundreds
      of thousands?

  • ismiselemeas

    I told you.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Then he should be arrested for murder.

  • Chris

    Bomb the boat, feed the fish.

  • Shebel

    Maybe we should just go Islamic—- Seize the boat. Toss the sick and useless over board. If any males are worth a ransom—the keep them . If not –kill them.
    Rape all the females ,including babies—- and then use them as sex slaves for the Glory of JESUS !(PBUH).

    Using JESUS does Not quite fit the Narrative—does it?

    You have to be a really sick and delusional mother fucker to run a religion like ISLAM.

  • ismiselemeas

    OK. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this POS is the smuggler. As part of the wider conspiracy he and his kind are responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of people. That’s a war crime. Lets look at the small print though. The trip across the water apparently takes about 15-20 minutes each way at roughly $4,000 per family with an average of 3 families per load. That’s $12,000 per hour/trip. Let’s say he can do 3 trips a night, that’s $36,000 a day that he’s pulling in. Let’s say that there are multiple smugglers working the same route. The local cops are looking at the very least $100,000 a day to dip their fingers in. It’s a small town. Everybody knows each other and what’s going on. The cops moved the dead child so the photographer doesn’t have to get her feet wet clambering over rocks. The cops are in on it, the photographer is in on it. The RCMP needs to look at the sister here, she’s definitely in on it. No wonder she’s upset, the family gravy train just got derailed.

  • Waffle

    uh oh, musical interlude coming on:


  • Achmed

    He is no different than a social worker.

    He is only trying to make the lives of poor people much better by helping them enforce their right to live anywhere they want in spite of the xenophobes in the west.

  • andycanuck

    There’s a new link at SDA with another witness from the boat corroborating the woman’s accusation.