14 years on – the Crusaders were Right

“I walked down Dunbar Street in Vancouver which had a clear view of YVR. Planes were lined up on the runway in a way I’d never seen. I had been watching the news and took my then 11 year old son up to the bank to pull some money on the principle that cash was always good in a crisis.”


I was living in Vancouver on 9/11.

That morning I went to a hotel to pick up a business associate.

We had a meeting with some Air Canada people at the airport.

That was my introduction to Islam.

Everything since has reinforced that first impression.

  • ontario john

    Don’t expect the mainline Christian churches to take up the fight to defend the faith. They support muslim invasions, and are too busy worrying about global warming, homosexual sex and whiny indians. Hey, they don’t even believe in God anymore if your a member of the united church. Saw on the news this morning, the CBC is excited about a multi-million dollar refugee welcome center being built in Vancouver and paid for by all three levels of government. Another strange newsbit, is a brief mention in the Star that the recent poll shows Canadians like Harper’s approach to the refugee crisis the most. Don’t try to find that poll result in the rest of the media, it doesn’t fit their anti-Harper efforts. But the most important news, is the heart breaking story on the CBC this morning on the plight of Canada’s favorite muslim terrorist, Omar Khadr. Yes poor Omar is in court to have his electronic bracelet removed because it embarraces him when it goes off. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! And he wants a more flexible schedule so he can attend morning prayers at his local mosque.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      They should remove Omar’s ankle…

      • Speaking of Omar’s ankle, remember this photo? It’s of a 15 year old in Afghanistan taken around the time Khadr was there. Shows a person who closely resembles Khadr proudly displaying a severed foot and two severed hands:

        • Sorry, tried a couple different ways to post the photo and it doesn’t appear for some reason…

          • Alex

            I’ve had problems with posting photos at times too – not sure why most work fine but some don’t.

          • Thanks Alex. Maybe Cat can help out.

          • lolwut?

            You have to check the url that it’s linking directly to the image file.

            Some sites have images protected in ways that make imbedding them difficult to avoid getting bandwidth hits.

          • In my case I didn’t get it from a url link. I have the actual photo on my hard drive. Didn’t display for some reason.

          • lolwut?

            You’re not trying to link directly to the file on the hard drive are you?

            C:PORN_STASHKathleen wynne_nude.jpg. won’t actually work 😉

          • No, I tried copy/paste. When that didn’t work I tried the image upload icon below. It did work — temporarily — but when I actually posted, the image disappeared.

          • lolwut?
          • You got it.

      • WalterBannon

        you spelled “head” wrong

  • SDMatt

    At the time of 9/11 I worked right next door to the American Consulate in Toronto and for the next few days teddy bears and notes of condolence accumulated on the puny patch of grass in front.

    Then on the rainy Friday of that week I heard the cries of “Allah Ackbar” for the first time in my life, coming as they were from across the street where a hundred or so Mohammadans were assembled on the provincial courthouse property.

    It was long before I saw my first hijab – they simply did not exist o the streets of Toronto prior to 9/11 – a sort of testament that “yeah, that’s my gang that perpetrated 9/11 and I belong to that gang.”

    • ThomasB

      “Allahu Akbar” – yes, what a horrible sound. I wish to God I could have lived out my life without ever having heard it …. The world truly did change that day – and very much for the worse.

      • ntt1

        we should add akbar to the list of euphemisms used for vomiting like the aussie term of chundering (watch under)
        it would add an extra dimension of ridicule to this stupid religion if there favorite chant during atrocities was also a term for being violently sick.

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      • WalterBannon

        some day soon enough, death camps are coming to the west

        they only question is will it be the remnants of western civilization whom are sent to die, or will it be the muslim invaders

        I have little faith that we will save ourselves, but civil war will come none the less and our treasonous govts are the architects of this doom

  • I was living in Winnipeg on 9/11. I went to bed the night before forgetting to turn off the TV and was awoken the next morning by the news broadcast.

    As I watched the broadcast, I was looking at the smoke rising from the burning towers. Suddenly I saw the face of Satan appear in the smoke. I rubbed my eyes, it was still there. I never told anyone about the experience because they would think I was bananas. Until a few months later, I was reading a news report from the U.S. where some people were reporting that they saw Satan’s face in the smoke. Apparently a number of people saw it.

    I don’t know if it was an actual spiritual apparition, or something that could be explained physiologically — perhaps the likeness of a contorted evil face coincidentally formed by the breeze or by the manner in which the heat was rising. But I definitely saw it. And no, Satan did not have horns. Maybe there’s a photograph of it somewhere.

    • WalterBannon

      are you sure it was not Obama?

      • Ha! Nope, it didn’t look like Obama, or Osama neither.

  • canminuteman

    An old work mate of mine told me how he was working at the old IBM plant (later called Celestica if IIRC) in Toronto on 9/11. There were lots of muslims working there. When the news started to filter out about the attacks a festive party atmosphere started to take hold. By the time people were dancing on the tables screaming allah Akbar in the cafeteria he had to leave because he feared for his safety.

    I don’t recall seeing any stories about that on the news at the time.

  • Cheryl

    Very nice essay (in my humble opinion, at least): clear, succinct and, most importantly, right on target. What a horrible day that was and continues to be since it’s turning out that all those people suffered and died in vain.

  • ontario john

    Does anyone find it ironic that very little coverage is being given this morning in the media about 9/11 ceremonies, but there is non-stop coverage of bringing muslims over here. Although there is lot of coverage of the plight of poor Omar Kdhar. Good news for Toronto downtown socialists though. Michael Moore is in town for the TIFF festival. I’m sure he will be giving instructions to us on who to vote for.

    • Alex

      10, 20, 30 years from now in Canada (it’s already happening in Europistan), all we’re going to see when we walk outside or turn on the televisions or read newspapers will be filthy bag heads and ugly scum dressed in pajamas – unless we find the will to stop the traitors in our midst, and soon.

      • WalterBannon

        it will come to civil war, or our own genocide

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I could see the smoke of Ground Zero from my office window about 15 miles away.

  • pdxnag

    Islam and the Middle East had been like a black hole in my education. I had a tiny awareness of the Arab Boycott, but that’s about it.

  • John

    As the years pass the more I’m of the opinion that all those people died in vain.

    Most of the attackers were Saudis, but for some reason we went after Iraq and Afganistan. Why did Bush, when it was forbidden for even congressmen and senators to fly, allow those Saudi royals to leave U.S. soil?

    And now with the refugee crisis the Saudis, instead of offering to take them in, have offered up millions for the construction of hundreds of mosques in Europe to accommodate them.

    And here in Québec, we have the ominous bill C59 ‘hate speech’ legislation basically making it a crime to criticize Muslims or Islam.

    We are being picked off like sitting ducks, and yet are being denied any means of self-defense because self-defense against Islamic predators constitutes bigotry.

    Our elites are treasonous idiots lining us up for slaughter.

    • Jabberwokk

      And to think if Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had made it a few more feet those elites would have reaped what they sowed.