Thomas Sowell: The Past and Future of the Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis in Europe is one of those human tragedies for which there are no real solutions, despite how many shrill voices in the media may denounce those who fail to come up with a solution.

Some options may be better than others, but there is nothing that can honestly be called a solution. Nevertheless many countries, including the United States, could do a lot better.

The immediate problems are the masses of desperate men, women and children, fleeing from the wars and terrorism of the Middle East, who are flooding into Europe. But the present crisis cannot be dealt with as if it had no past and no future.

  • Alain

    While I much admire Thomas Sowell and his writings I must disagree with him on two points. The first is his belief it seems that the “refugees” are made up of masses of desperate men, women and children. Actually the large majority are all young males of military age. The second point is the suggestion of giving money to Muslim countries to take them. Those Muslim countries are flush already with oil money, so why should the West give them more money to do what they can and should do in the first place? Otherwise I think he is spot on.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Alain, thank you for saving me the trouble of posting the same thing. In point of fact, reports are that 77% of these “Syrian migrants” are male. I believe the Syrian men should be shipped back to Syria and told to pick a side and fight for their country. Christian males should be exempted from this policy.

  • pdxnag

    A non-PC solution to exploding third-world populations is to end both food aid and medical aid until their fertility rates drop below your own. Let nature takes its course, unmolested by misguided and suicidal altruism. Wall them out, particularly the hostile unassimilable Muslims.