The Iran deal will bring grave danger

The nuclear deal will lead to danger for Israel and to the wider West. With the withdrawal of sanctions in the near future Iran will continue to escalate its belligerence, funding, and its support of terrorist activities. No one can say that the US Senators have not been forewarned about the danger ahead

  • ontario john

    While vote whores and the media try to show that we can make deals with Islam, they ignore the central reality that you can’t trust Islam. The National Post reporter on their website today is shocked that the Montreal teen terrorist states he was not influenced by the standard excuses of internet recruitment or other media propaganda. The young peace loving teen states he is simply following his reading of the koran. He also adheres to the brand of bat shit crazy islam that our good friend Saudi Arabia promotes.

  • Glenfilthie

    I don’t think so. I think all Obutthole did was help the Iranians sign their own death warrants. The second Iran gets within spitting distance of nukes the Israelis will take them out. They’ll have no choice really.

  • And an NDP or Liberal government will bring about an even graver danger to Canada and the West. I’m fairly certain that both Mulcair and Trudeau intend to de-list both Hezbollah and Hamas as banned terrorist organizations. Which means that Canada will once again become a safe-house for them, and likely a base for organizing attacks on our allies. And you can be sure that both of these candidates will reverse our foreign policy re: Israel, no longer regarding it as a friend and ally. They want to go back to everything the way it was before Harper became Prime Minister, not taking into account global terrorism developments.

    Stephen Harper needs to publicly challenge them on these issues in the next debates. Because our media certainly isn’t challenging them.

  • tom_billesley

    A Clinton Foundation official asked an aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if the government would allow the well-connected charity to accept a donation from an oil company with extensive ties to Iran.
    Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff, did not deny the request when she received it in August 2012, instead asking the foundation official to clarify his point, according to an email obtained by Citizens United through the Freedom of Information Act.
    The email shows Petronas, a Malaysian state-owned oil company, wanted to send CEO Shamsul Azhar bin Abbas to a Clinton Global Initiative event as a paying member.

  • mauser 98

    Obama ,ValJar must have powerful dirt on Boo Hoo Boner

    “A full-scale revolt against House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) regarding
    House GOP leadership’s previously
    carefully laid plans to push President Obama’s nuclear arms deal with
    Iran through Congress without a fight”

  • Death to America.

    Where is the mystery in this statement?

  • Achmed

    That was the whole point of the deal to eliminate the western influence throughout the world.
    Thanks to Allah we have one of our own in the Oval Office.